In terms of logistics, cosmetic products have specific requirements which demand expert solutions.


there is a diverse product offer, which covers many references for perfumes, hair-care  products, toiletries and beauty products.
Beauty products tend to be extremely homogeneous products, with similar sizes and weights:
this is a crucial issue when preparing orders since the error count in picking can rocket upwards. In view of the unit cost of these products, tangible solutions must be found.


demand fluctuates enormously with the launch of new products
and particularly high seasonal sales around Christmas.




Logistics challenges

Particular care as regards the presentation and packing of orders.

Quality of order picking: zero errors, well-controlled installation lead-times

Simultaneous management of three fields of activity: export, installation in stores, launches.



Our proposal

By delivering tried-and-tested responses to the operational constraints, SAVOYE provides the level of satisfaction expected from an expert partner.

Goods-to-Person system, INTELIS PTS

INTELIS CONVEY smart conveyors

Pallet preparation system

Pick-and-Pack solution

Pick-then-Pack solution


Sorting systems





Slotting solution



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