e-Commerce involves a broad spectrum of logistics constraints and may concern many different sectors of activity.    
Consumer expectations have changed since the era of mail-order services, and customers are now at the heart of the Supply Chain.
They seek a wide product choice, immediate availability, a competitive price, short delivery times and irreproachable service quality.

Of all these aspects, the key requirement remains on-time delivery.
To ensure efficient JIT warehouse management, planning and stock
control are essential strategic priorities.



Logistical challenges

Managing three distinct e-commerce models: conventional mail-order, general food sales and seasonal sales promotions.

Pressure on delivery times and prices, as well as the requirement for irreproachable quality.

Optimising order picking, with a small number of items per order, a significant flow of single products and great demand in terms of responsiveness.



Our proposal

To meet these new needs, we have developed solutions which meet all the requirements of e-commerce for flexibility,
responsiveness and upgradability. This means our solutions meet the specific requirements of the e-commerce distribution channel :

Goods-to-Person system, INTELIS PTSINTELIS e-Wrap packing machine for packing small ordersINTELIS e-Jivaro packing machine for keeping packaging to a strict minimum, according to the  size of the products to be shipped
Adapted WMS solutionsPick-to-Light displaysINTELIS CONVEY smart conveyors


These solutions enable our customers to adapt to the changing needs of
their business and thereby meet their specific requirements.


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