Industrial supplies



Professionals in the hardware supplies or industrial supplies sectors face three main logistics issues:


a highly dense distribution
network serving customers

 such as craftsmen and local
authorities in less than 24 hours;

more deliveries of smaller volumes:

 customers no longer hold stock -
this is now the distributor's role;

an increasing number of product references,

 since customers want to have a sole general
supplier and not several specialist suppliers.


The product range is extremely diverse, with many products being especially bulky or long.     
This complex industry demands tools which can meet the high degree of flexibility required to manage the impressive catalogue
of references and the objectives in terms of order-picking response times, stock management and service quality.



Logistics challenges

Demand focused increasingly on a sole supplier, rather than several specialist suppliers.

Highly diverse items: shape, size, weight, etc.

Irregular demand which is difficult to forecast: a larger number of installations but requiring smaller volumes - the stock is held at the distributor's.



Our proposal

Our operational expertise in the sector enables us to provide solutions adapted to our customers' needs:

Goods-to-Person system, INTELIS PTS

Pallet preparation system

INTELIS CONVEY smart conveyors

Adapted WMS solutions

Voice order-picking solutions

Order Management System (OMS) for managing several warehouses and sites in the overall logistics process

Fully-configurable slotting tool

A module for managing dangerous materials



Our customers



Our case study