Office supplies

This profession deals with a specific order type. It primarily involves piece-picking for small orders to be shipped in small parcels or even envelopes, which must be delivered "on the desk".
The catalogue covers a relatively large number of references as well as a diverse range of items. The products picked are of all shapes and sizes, from erasers to office furniture, but also including food items or cleaning products.
The challenge is to manage this precise order picking operation and the variety of references, while optimising speed of execution and reducing the error count.



Logistics challenges

A demanding sector: "Marketing involves attracting new customers, logistics is about retaining them."

A sector with significant volumes and catalogues that vary little.

Challenges of distribution centres: the shortest possible lead-times for fulfilling orders, logistics quality and competitive logistics costs.



Our solution

SAVOYE has won over many customers in the office supplies sector because our teams and solutions respond effectively to indsutry's high productivity and order flow requirements, thanks to perfectly adapted order processing systems:

Goods-to-Person system,  INTELIS PTS

INTELIS CONVEY smart conveyors

INTELIS Pac600 machine

Adapted WMS solution

Voice order-picking solutions

Order Management System (OMS) for managing several warehouses and sites in the overall logistics process



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