Auchan has deployed the A-SIS WMS solution throughout its e-commerce activities.

In 2011 A-SIS implemented its WMS solution in one of Auchan's new e-commerce warehouses located in the north of France. It then went on to deploy the A-SIS solution throughout all its e-commerce logistics sites in France.

As a result of having proved itself to be both agile and quick to implement in France, the WMS solution has now been deployed on other platforms abroad, and in Russia in particular.

Several claims in favour of A-SIS proved decisive: the fact that it shares the same strategic vision as Auchan's General Management, the editor's great references in the e-commerce sector, its skills in terms of retail preparation, and standards that fully meet the distributor's specification requirements. As far as Quentin BENAULT, Auchan's E-Commerce Supply Chain Manager, is concerned, the particular nature of online sales, such as real time stock management, BtoC order preparation, prepacking management, the various packing solutions (cartons, sachets, etc.), the heterogeneity of products, the carriers' schedule, and label and EDI management required an adapted information system that was potentially different from that used for the logistic purposes of Auchan's other retail activities. And finally, this project is fully in line with the cross-channel strategy already deployed by the distributor. Prior to this WMS solution being adopted for e-commerce activities, A-SIS solutions were already being used by Auchan for its Chronodrive drive-thru shopping activities.


Improve customer satisfaction

Ensure real-time stock management, and the preparation of BtoC orders

Devise processes suited to each category of product


Significantly improve quality indicators

Provide more flexible and dynamic logistics capable of adapting to many categories of products

Agility and rapid implementation

Why A-SIS?

For its expertise in retail preparation

Its project support in France and abroad

Because it's a solution suited to cross-channel sales and the distinctive nature of online sales

"A-SIS is a quality partner. It has enabled us to devise an e-commerce logistics solution in France to improve our customers' experience by making our logistics more dynamic, flexible and agile," Quentin Benault, E-Commerce Supply Chain Manager, Auchan.