Doyen Auto

"As we were already using LM®, it was only natural for us to see which solutions a-SIS could offer in terms of light WMS. They presented maGistor to us. The product seemed attractive but, acting on our conscience, we also consulted other suppliers … In the end, we decided to opt for the maGistor solution and thus consolidated our partnership with a-SIS. Today, we are convinced that we made the right decision"
Christian CELIS, Logistics Director at DOYEN


In 2004, to optimise the arrangement of the warehouse in Seneffe (Belgium) and equip the new warehouse in Toulouse (France), Doyen decided to invest in a full WMS whose main criterion was a fast return on investment.
In 2012, Doyen looked to a-SIS and its WMS maGistor to optimise the logistic procedures of its 3 new warehouses in France and the Benelux countries.
Doyen wanted to implement at its two main warehouses located in Seneffe (Belgium) and Toulouse (France) a WMS which would offer profitability on two points : 1) a mapping improvement to reduce operators’ un-productive journey times, internal stock movements as well as picking zone replenishments, and 2) an increase in the stock location filling rates.
The management of the various storage zones also had to be taken into account: a slow moving zone which numbers over 7000 references, a fast and middle moving (pallets and cabinets) zone, a homogenous pallet zone and a multi-load and multi-reference pallet zone. The WMS should also allow the real time control of preparation on both warehouses’ mechanized lines.
Since the installation of LM7®, Doyen observed an increase in storage and picking capacity. The number of errors was divided by three and the procedures implemented allowed a service rate close to 100% for parts in stock in the warehouses to be assured. Furthermore, compacting in the reserve zone was eliminated and replenishment and putaway movements were significantly reduced. 
In 2011, Doyen wanted to roll out the use of the WMS to its “satellite” sites in France and the Benelux countries which had until then been managed by the ERP. For the sites which process smaller volumes than the sites in Seneffe and Toulouse, Doyen chose the maGistor WMS.
The aim of this change was to improve productivity and operator work quality in goods-in and preparation whilst retaining a clear, accurate view of the workload in real time and traceability for all tasks.
Since maGistor was implemented, the goals have been reached. The service quality has been improved to reach an error rate which is almost nil.
Since it installed a-SIS’ WMS, Doyen has gained in storage space. Errors were divided by 3 and the productivity gain aims were achieved.