«Any modifications and the transition to a new WMS program carry an element of risk. However, our partner's professionalism and the quality of the product that they offer enable us to minimise not only the risks associated with the implementation, but also provide us with a reliable, modern tool to work with. I would like to highlight the technical support and the speed with which they reply to our calls and their understanding of the importance of the system in assuring efficient, reliable operation for our entire logistic process.»
Alexander Sakharov, Warehouse Director


Located in Moscow, Pragmatic decided to install the a-SIS solution LM7 in 2010, to replace the existing WMS. 


Pragmatic and a-SIS have customized and deployed the a-SIS WMS in order to allow Pragmatic to continue to expand its business all over Russia.  


In 2011, Pragmatic  moved to a new building. Goods moving was controlled by the LM7 WMS. Pragmatic’s activity was maintained.

When Pragmatic contacted a-SIS, their existing WMS was no longer able to manage the increasing flows. Furthermore, Pragmatic wanted to increase customer satisfaction and service levels.  A common project team managed the project, from the logistic process analysis to implementation. The expected schedule was maintained and the site went live on time. As a result, Pragmatic uses the LM7 solution by a-SIS to receive, store and ship office supplies to Businesses or Consumers.

Pragmatic’s customers are located all over Russia, lorry loading and shipments are optimized to cover either Moscow or regions. The warehouse is equipped with pallet storage locations, as well as picking locations. The use of RF terminals directly in real time linked to the LM7 WMS by a-SIS has increased both productivity and the inventory quality. Pragmatic’s products are very different: some of them are very small and have to be grouped together in shipping boxes, some of them are very big and have to be shipped by pallets. The entire preparation process is automatically controlled by LM7. The cubing tasks automatically optimized box volumes and contents.


"The implementation went smoothly. The solution installed by a-SIS is very comfortable to use and flexible enough to allow us to adapt our logistic management to new business rules."

Michael KOZYREV, IT Director



Pragmatic ships 6 000 boxes a day smoothly. Quality and productivity capacities have been significantly increased, as well as customer satisfaction.