Rémy Jeannin,
Chairman of the SAVOYE DIVISION


Aged 50, Rémy Jeannin is a graduate of the Université de Bourgogne (Burgundy University) where he obtained a degree in Accountancy and Finance (DESCF). He began his career in 1988 as Financial and Administrative Director at Agena (IT distribution). In 1993, Rémy Jeannin joined Savoye as Human Resources Director and Financial Affairs Director, following the company’s acquisition by the Legris Industries Group. In 2006, he held the position of Deputy Managing Director of the Group’s construction materials engineering division and, in 2008, became part of the management of the Legris Industries Group as the Group’s Human Resources Director. Rémy Jeannin has been a member of the Legris Industries Group board since 2009.

"With its 3 brands, each one a specialist in its field, the Savoye Division forms an integrated whole, a multi-specialist, multi-activities business, capable of meeting all the needs of Supply Chain managers, from the simplest to the most complex"

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