Analysis tool

  • Remote data processing
  • Reporting according to frequency stipulated in the contract
  • Production and availability indicators
  • Perfect understanding of operating conditions
  • Action to ensure optimisation, and reliability
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance

Informations flow

Number and type of packages/load treated:

  • By piece of equipment
  • By time slot
  • By day, by month

Performance indicators

  • Output rate summaries
  • Availability rate
  • MTBF (mean time between failures)
  • MTTR (mean time to recovery)
  • Reliability rate
  • Maintainability rate
  • Performance rate
  • Bar-code reader rate

Manufacturer recommendation

  • Drafting of periodic report
  • Analysis by defect type
  • Recommendations for preventive or corrective maintenance actions
  • Recommendations for improvement actions

Equipment indicators

Equipment statuses and durations:

  • Production equipment
  • With blocking defect
  • With blocking defect and awaiting repair intervention
  • Awaiting consumables
  • In production and awaiting peripheral devices

Statistics :

  • Equipment availability
  • Equipment defects: number of occurrences (weekly, monthly etc.)
  • Classification of defects

The advantages

  • Improved equipment availability
  • Manufacturer expertise provided by analyses and recommendations
  • Improved maintenance processes and actions
  • Continuous improvement of warehouse performance
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