On-site stock management

Complete, personalised management of spare-parts stock on your site

  • Sizing of stock and storage space
  • Organisational set-up and provision of shelves
  • Identification, labelling of parts and part locations
  • Definition of management method according to contract conditions
  • Establishment of alert levels
  • Re-supply
  • Analysis of consumption/rotation rate for stock optimisation
  • Collaboration with the maintenance team to anticipate re-supplies
  • Updating and monitoring of stock by Savoye
  • Stock inventory

Local stock management

Storage by Savoye of strategic and/or critical spare parts on a shared site for customers with similar needs

The advantages

  • Complete management by Savoye
  • Optimisation and improvement of spare-parts stock management
  • Quick, easy access
  • Local availability of strategic spare parts
  • Improvement of your facility's availability
  • Reduction of storage costs
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