Manage your maintenance

Monitoring of maintenance activities by checking preventive and corrective maintenance ratios

Optimisation of maintenance costs and reduction of unscheduled stoppages

Management of resources (internal and external) and equipment (machines, spare parts, tools and jigs, etc.)

Financial and budgetary analyses (in progress, completed, forecast investments)

Monitoring of equipment availability rateElectronic document management


The advantages


 complete solution with implemented data

Multi-equipment (not limited to Savoye equipment)

Interactive web portal

100% web-based


Secure solution





Informations flow

Performance indicators

Manufacturer recommendation

Equipment indicators




The advantages

Improved equipment availability

Manufacturer expertise provided by analyses and recommendations

Improved maintenance processes and actions

Continuous improvement of warehouse performance




Online management and monitoring

Online quotes for spare parts

Reporting a new incident to the Hotline

Tracking of spare-parts order status (quote, order confirmation, delivery slip, reception, invoicing, etc.)

Possibility to add specific comments concerning a request for spare parts or a Hotline incident

Tracking of Hotline incidentsspare parts and/or Hotline incidents historical

The advantages

Secure access

100% web-based
Simplified exchanges