E-learning service offer: Ascentline

The latest offering in the SAVOYE Services range, ASCENTLINE is designed to reinforce and digitalise the existing training programmes that have been in place for more than 15 years. Our goal is to better support and train our clients in the use of A-SIS solutions and INTELIS products.

The role of Savoye’s Training Department used to be to provide training courses in the use of software or of machines in classroom sessions on the client’s premises. However, training all the staff in a warehouse, so that each one of them was ready when the new machine or software was rolled out, was a challenge that was difficult to meet. This is no longer a problem thanks to ASCENTLINE which offers about a hundred educational services developed around 3 key approaches

The solutions approach

It supplies varied on-line content (videos, webinars, tutorials, quizzes, etc.) on the subject of warehouse management, supply chain management, transport management and Intelis products amongst others. End users can take part in a training course at any time of the day and as many times as they want.

The expert approach

End users have access to content, created by experts, dealing with questions related to their working domain, technology, education and logistics.

The support approach 

Its aim is to offer services that correspond directly with the needs of clients throughout their organisational, structural and technical projects. Two support service packages are available:

Training Maestro: 

dedicated to talent management on the client’s premises. This service results in the planning, personalisation and the complete control of the contents of the training programm.

Change Guru: 

made up of services enabling you to listen to, include and involve your teams over the long term and in particular during the installation of your solution.


This service is offered as a bespoke service or via catalogue, for one end user or for a group of end users. The first level of service gives free access to a community where you can discuss products and logistics, keep up to date with the latest product news and find documentation. 
Our clients benefit from a fully customised space that groups together all their chosen or made-to-measure options and which can be managed by them. 

With ASCENTLINE, you can count on our innovative and committed services to bring you further success!

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