On-site intervention

On-site intervention

On-site breakdown repair
Single phone number
National or international presence and/or representation
Intervention on integrated or manufactured equipment
Reporting and monitoring of equipment status
Depending on the contract, we guarantee resources and/or results as regards our intervention and/or equipment restart within a given deadline
Maximum equipment availability



Preventive maintenance

Performance of your maintenance operations, under contract or on request

Different levels of preventive maintenance proposed:

Level 1: Routine servicing

Level 2: Routine maintenance

Level 3: Technical audit and maintenance

Level 4: Reconditioning

Level 5: Renovation/Reconstruction


Certified partners

"Combining a local approach and comprehensive expertise."
A network of technically-proficient local partners to provide comprehensive technical support


The advantages


Reduction of non-scheduled stoppages (loss of production)

Simplified maintenance management (fleet of machines, conveyors, spare parts, analyses, etc.)

Tracking of completed maintenance visits through full reports

Continuous improvement



Maintenance assessment and audit

Qualification audit

Visibility as regards your maintenance operating mode and performance level: in relation to other producers (Benchmarking)

Assessment of economical impact of maintenance optimisation: calculation of existing shortfall and ROI


Support for implementing points recommended during the audit

Definition and formalisation of the maintenance policyOverhaul of existing organisationProduction of control panels and performance indicators
Use of feedback to finalise the equipment set-up

Qualification and re-definition of spare-parts stock


Management performance

‘’The performance of the workshops depends on the performance of the managers.’’

Definition of the managers' scope of responsibility and objectives, management skills (in line with needs or to be upgraded)

Organisation of daily tasks

Establishment of clearly organised missions and activities

Support for your teams through the implementation of the new organisation and until the results are achieved


Continuous improvement of performance

‘’Managing performance means continually identifying, assessing and implementing tools and initiatives to control and improve performances.’’


a new organisational structure
to identify and correct
malfunctions and improve
your warehouse's performance


analytical tools, development
and improvement of coordination
between production and maintenance

Operational efficiency

Methodology, processes and management adapted to the field of intervention (preventive, curative, new works)

Identification of appropriate tools and methods (planning, TPM, CAMM, SMED, spare-parts management, etc.)


The advantages

Visibility as regards your operating methods, their strengths and the weaknesses to be improved in your warehouse

Objective positioning (benchmark)

Improvement of availability, e.g. reduction of breakdowns by up to 2/3

Economic impact

Return on investment: less than 10 months, on average



Full service subscription


Full service offer at a fixed monthly price

Budget control

Maintenance adapted to your activity

Cost reduction

Ensure long-term performance levels and implement a culture of continuous improvement

Highly efficient organisation and operational processes

Optimum control and availability of your equipment

Overall performance and profitability of your site

Fully outsourced resource management