SAVOYE appoints César Gonzalez Lozada as Sales Director EMEA Advanced Software

SAVOYE has appointed César Gonzalez Lozada as EMEA Sales Director for its software business. He will be in charge of developing the skills of his teams in order to increase sales of SAVOYE’s global solutions: automation and software.

César Gonzalez Lozada, 34, who has already spent a twelveyear career in the supply chain, has been named Sales Director EMEA for SAVOYE’s Advanced Software business. In this new role, César Gonzalez Lozada will be driving forward the development of his teams’ skills in order to bring together all of SAVOYE’s offerings and build comprehensive, global solutions for the supply chain. Based in France (Lyon), César Gonzalez Lozada can rely on a dozen or so sales representatives and just as many pre-sales staff to carry out his mission throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

César Gonzalez Lozada

«I intend to build a rock-solid basis to support SAVOYE in its incredible growth. My aim is to work alongside my team to build strong pillars and strengthen our organisational structure so that we can manage increasingly important international projects. I am delighted to be here and to be part of this story,» says César Gonzalez Lozada.

A 360° vision of logistics

A graduate of ISLI – KEDGE Business School in Bordeaux (France) with a Masters in Global Supply Chain Management, César Gonzalez Lozada started his career at Schneider Electric Group after completing a Bachelor of Technology (BUT) in Quality, Industrial Logistics and Organisation (QLIO) at the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis and a postgraduate degree in industrial management at in&ma in Albi. He worked there for five years on very specific intralogistics matters before moving on to an IT services company specialising in the supply chain. After starting out as a software solutions consultant, he was given the opportunity to develop a subsidiary in Spain. After nine years with the company, he joined SAVOYE Group. «Warehouses are becoming increasingly automated, and the challenges of the industry go beyond software, which is precisely why I was attracted to SAVOYE’s comprehensive solutions, including logistics expertise, software and automation. I am truly fascinated by logistics and look forward to working in close association to build SAVOYE’s future,» he concludes.

Frédéric Zielinski, Managing Director of SAVOYE EMEA, matches César’s enthusiasm and dedication, adding: «Indeed, in the wake of strong growth in recent years in our sales of increasingly large-scale automated solutions, we now need to strengthen and give a boost to the organisation of our software business in order to further combine our two areas of expertise, throughout our EMEA zones. César’s strong commitment to this challenge, his dynamism and enthusiasm were key factors in his involvement in the SAVOYE project. I am delighted to announce his membership of the SAVOYE EMEA team. »

Frédéric Zielinski