3 good reasons to become a SAVOYE partner

Intralogistics has enjoyed exponential growth throughout the world in recent months. More and more players are seeking to increase the competitiveness of their logistics warehouses and suppliers are offering ever more efficient solutions. Becoming a key player in one’s area is becoming essential to face competition from global players capable of addressing all markets

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Do you want to position yourself as a major player in intralogistics in your territory? To expand your customer base and increase your turnover? Come and join the ecosystem of SAVOYE partners. A real competitive advantage, our partner program will help you win new customers and expand your territory


Add a supply chain component to your catalog with reference solution


A major player in intralogistics for more than 30 years, and ranked in the world’s Top 20 System Suppliers, Savoye offers SMEs and large accounts a complete range of software solutions and automated systems for supply chain execution. Joining this ecosystem means benefiting from Savoye’s efficient and innovative solutions and systems.


The range of products that we offer to integrate is very wide. It spans our range of packaging machines, allowing you to cover the automation and rationalization needs of your customers’ packaging function, to our Goods-To-Person system with shuttles for high-performance order preparation

Packaging process

Designed to automate the entire packaging process, from box forming to closing, including product wedging, reduction of the volume shipped by optimizing the height of the packages, and customization of your packages, our range of packaging machines is very easy to integrate.

packing machine Savoye

X-PTS Goods-to-Person

SAVOYE’s X-PTS® Goods-to-Person system will open new doors for you to position yourself in a highly technical market with a relevant and competitive solution designed by a major player recognized internationally. You thus reach a level of business know-how and expertise comparable to the leaders of the sector.

Goods-to-person Savoye


ODATiO® Cloud Access: designed for easy integration, ODATiO®, which embeds WMS and TMS within a single 100% standard application, is natively web and public cloud. It offers full visibility of warehouse and transport activities via a dedicated, multi-site, interactive and fully customizable dashboard. Designed to facilitate the tasks of warehouse managers, ODATiO® is a cloud solution that benefits from the power and robustness of MICROSOFT AZURE

Becoming a Savoye integrator also means gaining access to an engineering capacity acquired over the years:

  • we provide not only our process bricks (OEM equipment, software solutions),
  • but also a whole range of expertise around the subjects of current logistics.

We bring this expertise to local players who already have integration know-how and skills in intralogistics professions. We are looking for integrator partners who already have experience, notoriety and know-how in this sector and who are seeking to expand the range of solutions to offer their customers in order to be able to address all types of projects.


Increase your business development

Our partners are recognized players in geographic and/or sectoral markets that complement the Savoye markets. By integrating our solutions, you boost your development by positioning yourself on projects hitherto reserved for world market leaders. You can thus fight on equal terms in a territory where you are already recognized. We offer an advantageous pricing policy and a personalized support. You will bring added value to your market, to end customers on logistics matters.


Bring more added value to the local market

By joining forces with an internationally renowned supplier of global intralogistics systems, you will have cutting-edge technology at your disposal that will allow you to offer a high-level customer experience.

    Our partnership offer is modular: we offer our entire range, but each partner is free to choose which product(s) they wish to integrate. You can then grow the partnership. Whatever the type of partnership, we will offer you commercial training to support sales, along with technical training during which your team can go to our production site to take part in the adjustment and configuration of the equipment. Thus, you will acquire the ability to ensure installation and maintenance so that you can serve your customers in complete autonomy (while always having access to “expert” support from SAVOYE).
    Our solution has been designed to be fully integrable by a partner. Upstream, we have developed a set of tools and support such that you are autonomous on the one hand and that the solution is «easy to sell», «easy to implement» and «easy to use» on the other. You will be provided with an infinitely ready for use demonstration environment to support your pre-sales presentations.

Whatever range of products you wish to integrate, you will benefit from sustained support:

Complete sales initiation training

for our solutions and support during the first sales

Marketing resources

and a complete sales kit to support your commercial efforts.

Training courses

dedicated to our solutions (use, maintenance, etc.)

A support team

at your service (partnership manager, technical teams, supports, etc.)

A logic of long-term partnership

with regular meeting points

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At SAVOYE, the indirect sales channel has been open since 2016. Our goal? To work closely with our partners in order to guarantee the success of a “win/win” association, based on the combination of your expertise and our solutions.


Salex Systeemtechniek B.V. is proud to partner with Savoye for their line of packing machines in the Benelux market. Our main objective is to understand the current process and bring solutions that will create more efficiency, save handling time and give our partners the ability and time to grow their business.

Lex Vogelenzang

CEO Salex
Logistex was keen to develop a co-operation agreement to introduce the Savoye X-PTS into the UK market where several potential projects had been identified. In early 2019 Logistex signed a multi-million-pound project with a major UK retailer to design and build a large-scale Tote Handling System including the Savoye X-PTS... The partnership is now 4 years old and has proved to be very productive. Logistex and Savoye look forward to an exciting future together.

Jerry Woodhouse

Chairmain Logistex
We are excited about taking this existing carton handling and palletising technology to meat processors, general frozen food manufacturers in several global markets – most notably the United States - and believe the addition of the Savoye technology serves to strengthen this offer.

John Kippenberger


3 good reasons to become a SAVOYE partner

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