An overview of your business via a customizable control cockpit

They say that information is the lifeblood of any endeavor. For the supply chain, it is definitely the key to understanding and optimizing operations. With tough requirements concerning responsiveness and quality, the ability to report, detect, analyze, and above all react quickly to an irregular situation is crucial. It is vital to save time like this when making urgent decisions. This is not only an essential condition for the efficient management of an organization, but also, quite naturally, a valuable tool in optimizing service levels.

A classic WMS or TMS solution offers external reporting tools, either via a remote dashboard or via a third-party Business Intelligence (BI) application. Using the external reporting tool, users will create their own key performance indicators (KPIs) based on data taken from the WMS or the TMS.

The main disadvantage of this solution is that the user must juggle with two applications: the reporting tool to monitor the KPIs, and the WMS or TMS for access to the relevant data.  Tracking an indicator and being notified in case of an irregularity is one thing, but knowing how to analyze the cause of a problem quickly is another. To do that, there is no solution other than to use the trade screens in the WMS or TMS.

Based on this observation, we decided to equip our ODATiO® solution with much simpler and faster data access via a customizable control cockpit.

This cockpit lets you supervise all activities, both warehouse and transport. It consists of a set of widgets, all displaying some information and KPIs. Each information zone (data from a graph or table) is clickable so that, within the same application, you can go directly into a trade interface giving all the detailed data needed for an analysis of the critical points and indicating the urgent actions to be applied.

As a user, you see only the KPIs that are relevant to your own area of responsibility. You can then zoom in on them and take any necessary actions. This makes operational control more precise, responsive, and efficient.

An essential everyday tool

that adapts to the whole management team

The ODATiO® control cockpit is fully integrated in the application. Because ODATiO® is a 100% web responsive application, this cockpit is accessible at any time via PC, tablet, or smartphone.

This means you can supervise, analyze, and take action on the move, whether you are at the distribution center or somewhere else.

Cockpit ODATiO

Each widget can generate alerts when an abnormal situation arises, so that you are notified and able to react. There are many application cases that adapt to each person’s needs:

  • For the Supply Chain Manager, who needs a 360° view of his/her activity, the cockpit can track the service rate and the progress of order preparation, for example, for each logistics site. For the e-commerce order preparation manager, for example, the cockpit allows early detection when the orders due to be picked up by an express courier service at 2 PM have still not been launched, or when the picking locations have not been resupplied. After the alert, it just takes a few clicks in the cockpit to select and launch the orders concerned or to change the task priorities.
  • For a stock manager, the cockpit can identify certain stock problems (order disruption, physical error) and correct them immediately by checking or counting.
  • For the transport manager, the cockpit provides direct notification that the trucks expected at Receiving at 11 AM are running late.

Supervising order preparation performance, tracking picking resupply operations, detecting stock discrepancies or occupancy rates that are too high, tracking the received tonnage, etc. There is no shortage of use cases!

Customizable cockpit

ODATiO® lets every user personalize their own dashboard. This means you can monitor your activity in a totally ergonomic way. Each user can access a directory of the available widgets, select the ones he/she needs, and drag&drop them anywhere in the cockpit. The directory of available widgets was designed to cater to all hierarchical levels, from management to field technicians !

Cockpit de pilotage ODATiO

In addition, a key user profile can also create his/her own widgets and make them available to colleagues within the organization.  As with a business intelligence tool, the user can access many indicators and specify their mode of presentation, graph or pivot table, with or without filter; and several categories.

An overview of your business via a customizable control cockpit