FLEEXEE, the robot that simplifies operators’ daily lives!

A flexible and economic alternative to manual processes

FLEEXEE mobile robots move fully independently, transporting packages and items throughout the warehouse, sparing operators from:

  • Trips between different zones (launching, picking and packaging)
  • Fatigue from handling carts

Therefore, operators remain in their zone, and can spend as much of their time as possible on high-value operations. The FLEEXEE Mobile Robot solution can be used in stand-alone mode, natively interfaced with SAVOYE WMS and WCS software, or in addition to an automated system.



Rendez-vous use case


Linked to a shelf, the robot moves around the warehouse to find the operator who will, from their position, pick a product and drop it on FLEEXEE’s on board shelf.

Once this operation has been carried out, FLEEXEE goes to its next rendez-vous point, and the operator remains in their zone.


 Conveyor use case


FLEEXEE can load or unload crates from a fixed conveyor all by itself. This arrangement is used for replenishment tasks or simply to handle low-intensity workflows.

Key strengths


The operator can concentrate on tasks with higher added value such as picking or quality control

Reduced disorders

The operator doesn’t have any handling tasks


Available in acquisition or RaaS (Robot as a Service) modes


The number of robots is adapted to the growth and seasonal nature of the business.

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