Our range of management software programs


SAVOYE software solutions are the product of more than 30 years of R&D and continuous improvement from customer project experience. 
Our software supports you in your logistical challenges and in increasing your competitiveness.




A comprehensive answer to your supply chain challenges, no matter what your context is

Through its software solutions, SAVOYE offers extended functional coverage for all types of activities, from SMEs to highly industrialised enterprises.

  • Multi-sectoral solutions: 3PL, retail, e-commerce distribution, pharmaceutical laboratories, hardware and tools, industrial supplies, cosmetics, spare parts, etc.
  • Multi-channel, multi-site
  • Manually-operated and/or automated warehouses




Some of the key changes affecting warehouses are the increase in the number of distribution channels, the diversification of order profiles and the automation of processes.

They require a completely integrated, comprehensive, modular coordination solution, which can adapt to different transformations taking place within the business. 

With our range of management software, our objective is to meet all the needs of a Supply Chain Manager, either globally with a modular suite, or in a more targeted manner with more focused solutions that will interface with other systems. 



Optimization of intralogistics flows


Transport optimization for shippers


Optimization of the omino-channel and multi-platform supply chain


Optimization of physical flows in real time


Optimization of data flows

The coordination of all intralogistics processes is fully optimised regardless of the levels of complexity and automation, from the verification of manual preparation methods to highly robotic solutions.

Comprehensive management of a loading company's business for industry or distribution.

Coordinate your omni-channel organisation, run your multi-point stock network, and monitor and comply with the constraints to adhere to the customer promise

WaCS deals with the coordination, scheduling and supervision of all automated systems in direct cooperation with the WMS.

Connect all the applications of your information system and improve your exchanges with your external partners (customers, transporters, suppliers, etc.)


The strong points



Master's degree


Cost containment

Managing a single-platform as well as a multi-platform organizationControl of both manual and automated intralogistics processesImprovement of the productivity, quality of preparation and service rate of the distribution platformTotal traceability of logistics flows and cost control




Optimization of the use of mechanized, automated and robotized systems Reduction of the transport budgetMulti-channel and multi-point supply chain optimization




SaaS or license


Excellent functional standard



Our solutions are available in license and SAAS (Software as a Service) mode, with related cloud services.


Our solutions are characterised by an excellent functional standard, the result of many years of supporting our clients in all sectors and all sizes of activity. 


Through our solutions, we provide a process design tool that allows configuration to be open and totally autonomous in its implementation.


Accessible from any browser, our WMS solution is proposed either in client-server or full Web mode. Therefore, it has all the ergonomic prerequisites tied to its technology