For more than 30 years, our automation and robotisation solutions have supported many companies of all sizes in a wide range of industries. 

Increased volumes, diversification of preparation processes and the increased need for responsiveness are all operational challenges that, combined with quality requirements, require an efficient and adapted solution.

As a designer, manufacturer and integrator, our objective is to provide, no matter your context, a global response to your intralogistics challenges:


Increase performance and quality of preparation

Guarantee the global traceability and management of the activity

Work with an ever-increasing number of SKUs

Handle peak periods

Improve the customer experience

Manage operational costs



Goods-To-Person and Goods-To-Robot order picking

Person-To-Goods order picking

Automated packaging

Automated pallet storage

Picking tools




We offer our customers custom solutions that are perfectly adapted to their context according to their logistics profile, the volume of orders to be prepared and the company's growth forecasts.  


High-performance equipment that will help you achieve your objectives in terms of speed and reliability of preparation.  


The preparation and replenishment stations are designed to provide maximum comfort to operators. The design of our solutions, which provides easy access, allows maintenance operations to be carried out in absolute safety.  


Our solutions include multiple support services and are multi-dimensional, allowing the handling and management of cartons, totes and pallets. Suitable for all environments, our solutions can evolve for use in both deep freeze and ambient temperatures.  


Our WaCS software provides equipment management, physical flow optimisation and real-time activity supervision.