The Mobile Robot solution FLEEXEE is a flexible and economical alternative to manual processes. It was designed for all activities striving for permanent adaptability in the face of a constantly changing market environment.


Mobile robots move autonomously, carrying packages and items to the various areas of the warehouse, allowing operators to be freed from:

  • Routes between launching area, picking areas and packaging areas
  • Fatigue generated by cart handling activities

The operators remain in their picking area, thus devoting their time to value-added operations.

The Savoye Mobile Robot solution can be used in stand-alone mode, independently interfaced with Savoye WMS and WCS software, or in addition to an automated system.

The operating mode is very simple, and completely intuitive for operators.




There are many use cases, all relying on the same IT architecture:

  • Multi-package preparation (pick & pack),
  • Item picking before splitting (pick-then-pack)
  • Replenishment of retail picking locations

The control system assigns missions to robots and operators in real time, in order to synchronize appointments and minimize waiting times: 


The control system manages robot recharging in a fully autonomous manner.

The Savoye Mobile Robot solution is easy to implement, since no construction work or ground marking is required. It is also easy to reconfigure and upgrade, for example in the case of picking relocation.

Likewise, the user can easily add extra robots according to the growth and seasonality of the activity.


To guarantee a ROI adapted to each customer's application, the Savoye Mobile Robot solution is available in two modes:

  • Acquisition, initial deployment and upgrades
  • Rental, according to the number of robots and their actual use


In multi-package preparation mode, the Savoye shelf can carry up to 4 packages measuring 23.6x15.75 in (600x400 mm) (up to 176 lb / 80 kg) on 2 levels, and includes a set of ergonomic HMIs: screen, LED strips and validation buttons (Savoye proprietary technology).






Increased performanceProgressive ROIRapid implementation




Easy reconfiguration Scalability and addition of robots as neededAutonomous system