Robotic lockers

The rise of e-commerce and changing consumer habits are leading companies to rethink urban distribution with a view to offering new services to consumers. 

The Savoye DAC (Automatic Parcel Dispenser) robotic deposit solution enables the recovery and return of parcels independently, quickly and securely. Placed in bins in a temperature-controlled environment, the packages are registered in the system while awaiting their removal. 



Savoye's robotic locker solution can be used in a variety of ways:  

An implementation in the city center

next to a convenience store or local point of sale for click&collect shopping outside business hours

Attached to a super/hypermarket or driveway

in urban or peri-urban areas for click&collect shopping outside of opening hours
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Inside a store

for a quick click&collect recovery






controlled temperature

Inserted into the existing property, the robotic locker takes up little space in front of the point of sale. Available 24/7 outside store hours.The temperature of the racks is controlled to maintain dry, fresh, frozen products.



A single point of access via a single counter for the collection or return of parcels.Lockers filled by store staff or combined with an automated solution.