Cold chain



Quality : 0 error imperative
Perfect product protection at dispatch
Traceability imposed on the batch number and expiry date
Traceability on all phases of the process

Flexibility: increased pressure of deadlines
More and more significant split-case flows
Multi-flow consolidation
Preparation by layer, 1/2 pallet, pallet, retail
Unpredictability of the success of new product launches
Proliferation of references
For a better service rate, operations in short periods of time
Last-minute customisation

Organisation: product security, cold chain respect
Production scheduled with precision: increased number of parcels
Delivery right on time
Improved operator working conditions by reducing human intervention in cold and ultra-cold environments

Warehouse management: product location
Stock density
At any time, the reference or the product should be located

Cost: pressure concerning margins
Reduction of transport costs
Energy efficiency



Logistics challenges and solutions

Identification, labelling, quality control, reduced truck unloading times

Mass storage
Zoning based on temperatures: cold, fresh, frozen
Storage solutions based on flows: mobile or fixed shelving, pallet rack or accumulation


Optimized order preparation
Preparation of pallets, complete packages, retail packages: pallet conveyors, automated shuttle systems for light and heavy loads
Quality control
Validation of order Preparation and stock updating
Printing of Preparation documents
Package personalisation: stamping, repacking, identification


Real time traceability of the products and conditioning units
RF mobile terminals with barcode scanning, vocal or multi-modal solutions (head-up display device), RFID
Shipping packing
Forming, wedging and closing machines
Reduced truck loading times: order buffer Storage + TMS transport management tool
Automated palletisation of boxes and Labelling
Consolidation of dispatch flows



Cold chain logistics for all players in the sector (fruits, vegetables, meat products, fish, ...)


Weak article reference system for permanent products
Strong sales
Promotions: short life cycle, temporary products,large volumes
Management of production surpluses

Wholesalers, distributors

Significant article reference: increased number of references and batches
Heavy seasonality for certain products
Next day delivery
Storage of raw, semi-finished and finished products

Large-scale retailing

Significant article reference system: increased number of references and batches
Heavy seasonality for certain products
Same-day delivery
Split management



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