Sportmaster and A-SIS first equipped a warehouse in 2006 in Moscow. This warehouse is mechanized and fully automated. 


The goal is to deliver all over Russia within 24 hours of the order being placed.   


Sportmaster flows have  increased a lot over the last 5 years. 3 new warehouses have been equipped in the last 2 years, 3 others are expected to be equipped In 2012 – 2013.

With over 100 shops in Moscow, and with continuous expansion, Sportmaster contacted  A-SIS in 2005. The first part of the project consisted of implementing LM7, conveyors and automated boxes makers in a 100 000 m² warehouse.  The Sportmaster and A-SIS teams focussed on process flexibility and performance during Functional Analysis workshops.

The solution was implemented in about 9 months. From day 1, Sportmaster was able to ship the expected daily production. The warehouse is equipped with more than 100 radio terminals, with automated printers and automated weight checking stations. A dedicated process was developed, in order to manage different stock levels per product depending on the season. The LM7 solution automatically manages garbage pallet storage for out of season products, still allowing their preparation in the event of an order.

After the success of the Moscow implementation, LM7 benefits were highlighted. 3 additional warehouses are now controlled by LM7. This allows very easy cross-docking between warehouses and regions; Sportmaster is able to immediately  “re-ship” received products without relabeling. As LM7 communicates in real time with the conveyors’ PLC, goods-in products are directly unloaded from containers onto a conveyor and sent directly to their final storage or picking location. This saves a great deal of time and movements inside the warehouse compared to the previous solution. Due to products’ type variations, LM7 includes several preparation algorithms, mechanised or otherwise. This includes either ways to pick, ways to check, ways to pack and ways to ship. Because of the building size and number of pieces of equipment, dedicated paths have been set up at the LM7 WMS level, in order to optimise operators’ paths inside the warehouse.



Sportmaster can ship up to 25 000 boxes a day from the Moscow warehouse. Quality, service level and productivity capacities have been significantly increased.