Industrial supplies logistics

Professionals in hardware, tools and industrial supplies are confronted with three main logistical problems...


highly capillary distribution

in order to serve all clients, like craftsmen and local authorities, in less than 24 hours.

deliveries that are increasingly higher in number but smaller in volume

 for customers, the stock is no longer stored by them, but by the distributor

a growing number of SKUs

a growing number of SKUs


Items represent multiple wide, heterogeneous ranges with many long products.
Tools that are up to the complexity of the trade are required to achieve the high degree of flexibility that is indispensable to manage both the impressive catalogue of products and the quick-response objectives, to master stocks and provide a high quality of service.


Logistical challenges


Growth in the product catalogue

More deliveries, but decrease in volume

Managing and optimising multi-site organisations


Our answer

With significant references, real operational expertise and software solutions that directly respond to the all-important need to optimise logistic flows, Savoye is an actor of high regard for distributors and manufacturers in the profession.




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