The agri-food sector is subject to many standards and regulations, which are imposed not only by legislators, but also by agri-food distributors.


Logistical challenges

Quality, deadlines, costs, and complying with traceability standards are just a few of the constraints imposed by supermarkets on suppliers, and when it comes to a private label producer, the list is even longer.


These products require very particular roles :


Managing fresh and frozen products, with storage and order preparation in cold-rooms and temperature-controlled rooms.

Managing dates (best before date, sell before date use before date) and FIFO policies to reduce the number of expired products as much as possible

Upstream and downstream traceability by tracking batch numbers and SSCC.

Being able to treat variable weights.

Preparing pallets and full packages efficiently.

The quality of the traceability system is essential because it determines how efficient product recall procedures are in crisis management situations.

The traceability system can be implemented in such a way as to associate batches of raw materials that make up finished products, so as to evaluate the direct impact of a non-compliant batch.



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