Integrator of solutions

Be it the mechanization and automation of  detail order-picking operations and full boxes, or the provision of computerised solutions forr the complete management of logistics warehouses (APS, OMS, WMS, WCS, TMS) ,  SAVOYE  is able to offer you not only complete standard solutuions...but also custom made ones!

OMS (Order Management System)
The Supply Chain Management solution (Advanced Planning System, Order Management System) aims to help decision-makers by providing a comprehensive range of features, from procurement planning to multi-site monitoring, whatever the type of logistics organisation: central platforms, regional warehouses, local warehouses and cross-docking platforms.
B2B integration platform (EAI/EDI)
WMS (Warehouse Management System)
Our Warehouse Management Solution (WMS, WCS) manages and optimises all the logistics processes of a distribution platform, whether simple or complex, automated or manual.
WCS (Warehouse Control System)
TMS (Transport Management System)
LM TMS is a complete solution for managing the transport activity of a carrier available in SaaS and On Premise mode.
Picking tools
Automated packaging
The automation of the packaging process, which has traditionally been a manual process, creates productivity, operational reliability and improved overall responsiveness.
The increase in the number of distribution channels, the diversification of order profiles and the automation of processes are just some of the key developments affecting warehouses. They require a completely integrated, comprehensive, modular coordination solution, which can adapt to different transformations taking place within the business.
Person-to-goods preparation
In view of the wide range of order profiles and the significant disparities in the dimensions and rotation categories of the of the SKUs in inventory, the ideal split-case preparation solution must allow for a combination of different manual, automated or completely robotic processes.
Handling of light loads
The handling solutions for light loads allow small or medium-sized warehouses to be equipped with a system that combines the conveying of parcels and the manual storage of reference items within a very short implementation period.
Automated pallet storage
The automated pallet storage solutions can be used either alongside a split case preparation solution to manage the reserve stock, or in their own right for pallet preparation and complete parcel preparation solutions.
Goods-To-Person and Goods-To-Robot Preparation
The goods-to-person and goods-to-robot systems are especially suited to logistics centres seeking a combination of excellent reactivity and excellent preparation quality.