WMS (Warehouse Management System)

Our WMS (Warehouse Management System) solutions aim to manage and optimise all the logistics processes of a distribution platform, whether simple or complex, automated or manual. These solutions offer intricate functional coverage, the result of more than 30 years of warehouse management and support for our customers in various sectors of distribution, logistics service providers and manufacturing. 

A WMS solution provides a complete view of your stocks in real time while optimising the space and organization of your warehouse. This solution offers a wide variety of processes that guarantee the optimisation, reliability and speed of your order preparation, to satisfy the ever shortening delivery promises to your customers. It will help you control your logistics costs, manage your resources and give you agility when faced with change. 
We offer different WMS solutions depending on whether we are addressing an SME with an initial WMS project or a large and highly automated logistics site. 

All our solutions are available in SaaS or On Premise mode. 



The WMS LM XT solution is characterised by the ability to handle logistics platforms with many, often highly automated, flows. 

The scope of application for LM XT can be extended with LM TMS transport management and LM OMS order coordination solutions in multi-site contexts. The WMS LM XT has several integrated modules with advanced features: customisable dashboard, resource planning, slotting recommendations, hazardous materials management, label printing in carrier formats.

This WMS solution is particularly suited for use in contexts with many SKUs and automated retail order preparation.      

Download the LM XT product data sheet 


Key strengths

A reference in terms of a high number of functionalities

Continuous integration platform and component library 

A highly ergonomic and configurable solution

A solution integrated into a complete WMS/TMS/OMS/WCS suite capable of supporting you with other functions, should your context require it

An agile approach for secure deployment 



MAGISTOR is a comprehensive WMS software for logistics warehouse management. Designed for SMEs, this software solution has extensive functional coverage. It is easy to handle and very ergonomic, allowing you to control all your logistics processes: goods-in, storage, order preparation, shipping.

MAGISTOR is specially suited to e-commerce or highly retail-focused activities, in manual or slightly mechanised contexts.

Download the MAGISTOR product data sheet 


Key strenghts :

Flexible and adaptable WMS

Very fast implementation

Easy to learn and use 

Better control over your storage warehouses

Order preparation optimisation 

Includes a manufacturing module  


Pre-packaged versions exist for certain business sectors


for 3PLs, with a module for pre-invoicing services and order taking

for drive-thru management and order picking in stores 

for the management of central warehouses in university hospitals



LOGYS is a functionally powerful generalist WMS solution that has been set-up in many commercial sectors (agri-food, textiles, industrial supplies, office supplies, health, etc.), for the most part in mechanised contexts. 

Recently, we packaged a new version of LOGYS for the management of logistics platforms for spare parts, connected to the DMS of our publisher partner Reynolds & Reynolds. 

Key strenghts :

Management of logistics platforms for spare parts. 

Connected as standard with the Reynolds & Reynolds DMS solution.