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Are you a system integrator and/or a distributor of mechanized solutions?

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Enter a long-term partnership. We allow you to benefit from the reputation and expertise of the leading French designer and integrator of global intralogistics systems.

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Why join our network?

An organisation dedicated to support in France and across the world


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Products designed to be easily integrated: packing machines,  Intelis, X-PTS

Preferential pricing and priority information on innovationsPersonalised support program in order to quickly make our partners autonomousOrganisation and department dedicated to partners in order to answer their requests


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Beyond the distribution and integration aspects of our products and solutions, SAVOYE has an in-depth partnership policy with:

  • organisations and institutions adjacent to our activity (associations, certification organisations, schools and universities, etc.)
  • technical players (manufacturers or distributors of equipment, third-party software, etc.)
  • all experts on logistical topics (consulting, research, trainers, etc.)


Partner profile

Local, well-known, intralogistic actor with its own network of customers

Commercial and technical skills to prospect, sell, design, install and maintain solutions based on our hardware and software

Manage the relationship with the end customer

Desire to invest in the transfer of necessary skills

After training, can become autonomous in identifying prospects, and generating and completing projects



Our partnership programm

At Savoye, our partner will find:

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dedicated structure

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Icone support 24/7


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dedicated website

Support from a structure dedicated to developing partnershipspersonalised assistance program to help our partners quickly become independent, in commercial training as well as in technical trainingA range of tools to allow partners to be autonomous in the pre-sale and sale phasesSupport that includes installing the first projects together and access to our 24/7 hotlinewebsite dedicated to partners



Our integrator partners

Our partners have been selected because the share our commitment to excellent in not only service, but also integration, training and support. They also provide complementary products and services, and, in certain cases, hardware that allows us to provide an even more accurate response to our customers’ needs.



Logo entreprise Ates

Since 1991 ATES has been providing its customers with automated solutions for handling of bulk materials, semi-finished and finished products. All of ATES' customers are offered help in finding optimal solutions that bring corresponding revenue and cost savings in both logistic and production processes. ATES focuses on design and production of conveyors, conveyor lines, manipulations and single-purpose machines. ATES cooperates with large foreign and domestic manufacturing and logistic companies, design studios and technical offices.


Logo entreprise Expert System

ECS has been specializing in the conception, manufacturing and integration of conveyor systems since 1987.  Using the latest technology, ECS has been supplying turn-key solutions with the in-house support of it's system conceptors, engineers and programmers.



The agreement signed between Savoye and ILA enables ILA to promote, sell, install and maintain the whole Savoye’s range of packing automation. This includes in particular the Jivaro® machine which adapts the cartons to the volume of products and provides automated closing of boxes, bringing significant savings in transportation and labour costs while ensuring improved protection of the shipped products and better image for the end customer.

"ILA is one of the leading system integrators in material handling systems in Turkey. ILA provides turnkey solutions in warehouse automation systems and widen her product portfolio with new and next generation technologies. I strongly believe in the new cooperation with Savoye. Savoye is a very strong partner and will deliver added value to ILA thru automated packaging machines. Turkey has over 80 million of population and industries such as E-Com and retail have enormous growth possibility. Savoye packaging machines will be definitely an extraordinary solution for Turkish companies. This is not just about automatizing the processes it also about saving the world by minimizing the parcels which results fewer transportation. I am sure we will deliver a lot together with Savoye to our strategic partners.". Emre Yenal, ILA Managing Director



the ITO history began in 1959 when Harald Hagen created Intern Transport AS, important supplier of lift tables, winches etc. ITO has been supplying industrial solutions for more than 60 years In the past years, the company grew strongly, built experience in the automation and concluded cooperation agreement with leading manufacturers with the perspective allways to provide the best solution for industry...


Logo entreprise Logistex

The company can trace its roots back to the 1930s when it started as Cleco, a name synonymous with advanced and sophisticated automated systems throughout the latter part of the 20th century. As the world of IT and software systems became more advanced, the company acquired and developed specialist expertise during the 1980s and has become one of the foremost specialists in every aspect of internal IT systems in the market. We operate from modern headquarters in Kettering, Northamptonshire, with regionally based service teams in easy reach of most major centres throughout the country. Our international division operates throughout mainland Europe.


Logo entreprise Motiontek Industrial INC

Since Motiontek Industrial Inc was already providing professional services for OEMs and end users, the next logical step was to use our engineering team’s extensive integration and automation knowledge, to provide automation solutions, as well as automated system integrations. Motiontek Industrial Inc understood the technology and respected the customer’s needs; this was a winning combination for both of us.

Today Motiontek Industrial Inc. provides complete solutions for its customers, to take them to their next level of production, with all the staff at Motiontek Industrial right alongside them. Because when its customers succeed, Motiontek Industrial Inc. feels that it succeeds and is there a better human feeling than success!


Logo entreprise Neptek

Neptek was established in 2004 by founding member and current MD, Mr Richard Nepgen, who identified the need in the market for a specialised materials handling systems integration company focusing on design, project management, implementation and after-sales support. Neptek specialises in end of line conveyor, packing and palletising systems in the manufacturing sector and conveyor, inspection, sortation and truck loading systems in the intralogistics sector.

Neptek supply materials handling systems to most industries throughout South Africa as well as into Africa and the Middle East.


Logo entreprise SAM technology engineers PTY ltd


SAM Technology Engineers Pty Ltd supplies engineering products and services to several industries. Thanks to partnership with companies all around the world and local engineering development, SAM Technology Engineers has specialist capabilities in the airline maintenance and support, aluminium, transport, mining, power generation and steel industries.

Today, SAM Technology Engineers has also developed a specialty division named Automated Warehouse Solutions, specialised into logistics and distribution of pharmaceutical, food, beverage and general warehousing.



At Scott, we automate the future. The production line machinery we design and build deliver productivity gains and exceptional reliability to many of the world’s leading manufacturers. We also go a step beyond engineering production solutions to actually revolutionising entire industries – using robotics to automate manual processes and create genuine competitive advantage.

For over 100 years Scott has looked to tomorrow and rapidly responded to shifting needs. Today, we have production bases in the United States, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, China, Australia and New Zealand, customers in 88 countries, and a real commitment to developing new technology and bringing it to market. Across everything we do you will discover true quality, advanced engineering and a renowned design aesthetic.

read the press release


Logo entreprise Tham Rich


Tham Rich Corporation Co., Ltd. established as an Integrated Solution Provider in the concept of “Smart Product Thru Solution”: combination with Logistics Mart, Petro Mart, and Environ Mart. 

The leading one-stop solutions provider, we provide all kinds of logistics services, covering planning, designing, consulting, and implementation of integral factory systems, material handling, automation systems, and robots. Combined with the strength of partners, our team of experienced engineers can assist you with the selection of equipment, tool, and technology to support your business.



Logo entreprise XProma


True to the motto "committed to the customer ". Because our customers come first for us at XPROMA .    

For us, the most important thing is  a long-term and sustainable cooperation  with our customers. Mutual trust comes first!  With a lot of  dedication and commitment  , we are working  on developing for our customers very individual and perfectly adapted to their needs solutions  that maximize the efficiency of their workflows and noticeably d them ie so with  the everyday work easier .