Plug & Play conveyor

INTELIS, innovative range of conveyors dedicated to handling containers and packages

  • Plug & play conveyor modules for fast deployment and ease of re-use in new configurations
  • Control architecture to adapt the behaviour of volumes to the volume of activity: acceleration, stoppage, accumulation, etc.
  • Start & stop operation to minimise the energy consumption of the installation
  • 100% electrical energy, guaranteeing a quiet work environment for the operators



Full INTELIS catalogue of modules for…

  • Conveying, sorting, accumulating, distributing, and grouping containers and packages
  • Constructing the process bricks used in the order preparation solutions: launch, picking stations, inspection stations, despatch sorting, etc.
  • Connecting the various value-added functions performed on packages: forming, preparation, document dispensing, wedging, closing, weighing, labelling, etc.