Person-to-goods preparation

In view of the wide range of order profiles and the significant disparities in the dimensions and rotation categories of the of the SKUs in inventory, the ideal split-case preparation solution must allow for a combination of different manual, automated or completely robotic processes.

Person-to-goods processes are particularly effective and suitable for high or very low turnover reference items as well as bulky products, and are quick to implement.


Semi-automated pick-and-pack process in which a line of conveyors transfers parcels from station to station, with each station corresponding to part of the inventory picking. The operators take items for one order at a time, thereby reducing the risk of error, from dynamic storage units, static shelves or pallet positions.


Fully manual pick-and-pack process involving trolleys, allowing for the preparation of 1 to n orders at the same time.


Pick-then-pack process involving collecting products from stock corresponding to n orders, sorting them one by one, as a single or repeated process, in units in put-to-light mode with high-speed sorters.


Automated system involving shuttles that restock dynamic storage units in preparation stations.


Numerous possibilities with radio-frequency terminals, voice solutions, preparation units, heads-up displays, LED displays and banners used in pick-to-light and put-to-light mode.



preparation time



Optimisation of preparation time by using the most suitable process for the order profiles and product rotation categories involvedScalable solutions, from manual to highly automated processes, allowing for investment phasingOptimised scheduling of activities depending on priority criteria and available resources




INTELIS, innovative range of conveyors dedicated to handling containers and packages

  • Plug & play conveyor modules for fast deployment and ease of re-use in new configurations
  • Control architecture to adapt the behaviour of volumes to the volume of activity: acceleration, stoppage, accumulation, etc.
  • Start & stop operation to minimise the energy consumption of the installation
  • 100% electrical energy, guaranteeing a quiet work environment for the operators





Full INTELIS catalogue of modules for…

  • Conveying, sorting, accumulating, distributing, and grouping containers and packages
  • Constructing the process bricks used in the order preparation solutions: launch, picking stations, inspection stations, despatch sorting, etc.
  • Connecting the various value-added functions performed on packages: forming, preparation, document dispensing, wedging, closing, weighing, labelling, etc.









Prodex, a SAVOYE subsidiary, is a French dynamic storage designer and manufacturer for all types of logistical support.

Prodex equips small or medium warehouses with handling solutions for light and heavy loads, combining dynamic storage units and handling circuits.

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Picking tools


For more than 20 years, SAVOYE has been designing order or picking tools that are recognised by the market and specific to different processes:

  • Assisting in preparing orders or kits
  • Configuring item data
  • Merchandise traceability
  • etc.

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Dynamic replenishment shuttle


The automated replenishment system for picking positions is based on the association of PRODEX dynamic storage units and X-PTS (to replace when name determined) technology. A lift is used to transfer loads to the correct storage level, where shuttles then move them to the correct position. The gravity operating principle used with dynamic storage units ensures that the item is always available.











Reduction in operating costs linked to replenishment operationsAutomation of repetitive replenishment operations in stock picking of high turnover items