Project Integration

SAVOYE's has extensive experience supporting our clients as System Integrators.  Our approach is structured around two key commitments:

  • Provide high-touch engagements with our clients
  • Provide guidance through experience in selecting the optimal, high quality, and scalable solutions



A tried-and-tested agile project methodology

Our methodology ensures the quality of every project:




Senior consultants by your side

Our functional and operational consultants have on average 10 to 15 years of experience in starting up logistic sites, and will provide you with the benefits of their logistics, techncial, and process expertise. They will provide guidance in the best practices that have been identified and developed in your specific industry vertical.

Our consultants will remain your main points of contact throughout the project: they will coordinate service providers, studies, consulting, configuration, development, testing, training, and support in system start-up.

After your system is live, our consultants will ensure that you remain fully supported by SAVOYE's services.  They will provide guidance on continued maintenance and upgrades throughout the balance of the system lifecycle.  They will also stay alert to introduce you to new innovations or service offerings that would enhance your systems efficiency and supportability.