IMPULSiO : Warehouse Execution System

Powerful and complete

IMPULSiO is the result of over 30 years of experience in the management of automated and robotic solutions. IMPULSiO anticipates risks and optimizes the use of your automated equipment with built-in data science algorithms that allow your system to adapt to the dynamic conditions in your warehouse.

warehouse execution system

Constant balance of flows and workload 

A real-time application, IMPULSiO manages and directs all activities to be carried out – picking, inventory, replenishment, temporary storage before palletization, etc. – depending on your priority constraints, availability of operators and capacity of your equipment.

warehouse execution system

More intelligence for better performance 

Thanks to its algorithms designed through the work undertaken by Savoye in operational research, modeling and system simulation, IMPULSiO constantly optimizes your activity. It manages picking depending on logistics priorities, availability of stock and the status of your installation. Built on the latest in modern technology, IMPULSiO is ready for AI and Machine Learning.

warehouse execution system

Multi-technology management 

IMPULSiO connects, controls and synchronizes all types of systems: shuttles, mobile robots, miniloads and stacker cranes, conveyors, sorters, picking stations, articulated and Cartesian robots, packaging machines, pick-to-light systems, etc.


Have a real-time overview of your system 

IMPULSiO offers enhanced end-to-end visibility to your order fulfillment operations with integration to the latest business intelligence platforms and key performance indicators. The comprehensive graphic overviews make it possible for you to monitor the production and maintenance of your system. You will be alerted in the event of an anomaly, so you can react swiftly to resolve it.


Easy integration and evolution 

Thanks to a flexible and scalable nano-service architecture, IMPULSiO offers efficient start-up and easy integration with third-party systems. Besides, you will gain responsiveness by adapting to changing system performance demands, optimizing IT resources, automated, and robotic equipment utilization.


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