Savoye LABS

Innovation is not an inherent part of technology, it comes from how technology is used: beyond the purely technical aspect, we want innovation to bring immediate advantages to its users.

SAVOYE LABS is our innovation label, bringing together data scientists, robotics experts, engineers and users to design the solutions of tomorrow.


Going from prototype to product

Innovation is a laboratory that creates prototypes. But testing them and industrialising them through real-life customer situations allow their true value to be revealed and go from prototype to product.

Innovating with our customers is an essential aspect to transform a technology or concept into something that can actually be used operationally.

Drawing on strategic partnerships is also essential.

To innovate, our R&D and innovation teams need to know how to immerse themselves in and integrate technologies mastered by third parties. It is equally indispensable to know how to test concepts. For this, our innovation team has developed different strategic partnerships, both industrial and institutional.