On-site support

On-site support

  • On-site repair
  • One contact number
  • Local support
  • Reporting and tracking hardware
  • Commitment of resources to complete work during planned outage
  • Keeping equipment available as much as possible during service




SAVOYE offers several levels of preventive maintenance by contract or on request:

Différents niveaux de maintenance préventive proposés :

  • Level 1: Common servicing operations
  • Level 2: Common maintenance operations
  • Level 3: Expertise and technical maintenance
  • Level 4: Refurbishment
  • Level 5: Renovation / Reconstruction

Certified partners

"Combine a local approach and comprehensive expertise."
A network of highly skilled local partners to provide comprehensive technical support








Less unplanned downtime (loss of production)Simplify maintenance management (machine fleet, conveyors, replacement parts, analyses, etc.)Track maintenance visits through full reportsContinuous improvement


Maintenance engineering

System Audits

Comparison of your maintenance performance to other industry benchmarks

Estimate the economic impact to optimizing your system maintenance: current loss and ROI


Implementation Support

Define and formalize a maintenance policy

Reset the current system of organization

Provide dashboards and performance indicators

Contuous improvements using system feedback to make hardware more reliable

Review and redefine the replacement parts stock


Performance Management

‘’The performance of the workshops depends first of all on that of managers.’’

Define the managers’ scope of action, objectives and managerial skills (satisfactory or to be improved)

Organize daily tasks


Build a process with clear missions and activities

Support your teams through to the implementation and startup of this new system


Continuous improvement of performance

‘’Managing performance means continuously identifying, evaluating and using levers to master and improve performance.’’


Utilize our proven process to identify opportunities and improve the performance of your systems


Analysis tools, improve coordination between production and maintenance

Operational efficiency

Methodology, processes, cohesive coordination that is adapted to the problem (preventive, corrective, new process)

Analysis to define appropriate methods and tools (planning, TPM, CMMS, SMED, replacement parts management, etc.)









Identify the strengths and make improvements to your warehouse operationsObjective positioning (Benchmark)Improve availability, e.g. reduce downtime by up to 70%Economic impact in terms of loss from inefficiencyReturn on investment: on average, in less than 10 months




Full service

Full service offer at a fixed monthly price

Budget control

Appropriate maintenance for the activity

Cost reduction

Stabilize performance output and make continuous improvment a part of the culture of your organization

Make organization and operation as efficient as possible

Optimal control and availability of the system resources

Overall performance and profitability of site

Entirely externalize resource management