Textile product logistics is characterised by the great diversity of distribution channels to be addressed: Medium and large retailers, large specialised stores, integrated points of sale or franchises, e-commerce, and so on - which translates as significant pressure on prices and delivery times, with a large number of increasingly different orders (installation, restocking, private sales, etc.)

The very nature of products means there are constraints that are found nowhere else, like the seasonality of collections, restocking, managing sales, managing resources, distance sales, etc.
Our solutions are capable of integrating the considerable need to configure item sheets, which is a consequence of the large volume of references and the fact that they are always changing.

Logistical challenges


Offer is constantly being renewed with seasonal restocking.

Great diversity of SKUs: boxes with multiple different references/colours/sizes, boxes with only one reference/colour/size, hanging clothes, reference/colour/cup/size for the women's lingerie trade. 

Managing special operations: labelling, hanging, marking, anti-theft devices.Item characteristics (collection, universe, season, folded, hung, matching, etc.)

Our answer

By adopting our solutions, you will benefit from a complete warehouse management solution that optimises performance speed and preparation quality, and particularly responds to logistic processes specific to the textile sector.





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Goods to Person system, X-PTS

INTELIS smart conveyor

Pick and Pack solution

Pick then Pack solution


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