SAVOYE and SCCALA announce a strategic partnership to develop ODATiO (WMS/OMS/TMS) sales for the Colombian market.

SCCALA, leader in strengthening the logistics management of storage processes, inventory management, and transportation, and SAVOYE, global logistics solutions designer and integrator (specializing in technology and software), are excited to announce their strategic partnership to develop the ODATiO software solution.

This collaboration which combines SCCALA’S expertise in integrating supply chain software with SAVOYE’s modular solution, will allow them to address the evolving demands of the Colombian market, which is increasingly embracing supply chain execution.

By integrating SAVOYE’s ODATiO solution, SCCALA enhances its overall value proposition for supply chain execution. ODATiO, a product of over 35 years of expertise, seamlessly integrates warehouse management system (WMS), transport management system (TMS) and Order management system (OMS) into a single application. With a focus on modularity, scalability, and innovation, ODATiO aims to improve business flexibility and efficiency.

ODATiO is indeed an intelligent solution designed to optimize supply chain processes and foster innovation. It’s exciting to see such partnerships driving advancements in logistics technology!

Leonardo Mendoza S. (Managing Director, SCCALA): “At SCCALA we are very optimistic about our alliance with SAVOYE to represent its portfolio in Colombia. This alliance allows SCCALA to expand its capacity to provide comprehensive and high-quality solutions with innovative and specialized tools to optimize logistics operations, and thus contribute to companies to improve their competitiveness and boost their development”.

Hervé Aubert (Director for Strategic Partnerships and Knowledge Management, SAVOYE): “We are excited to partner with SCCALA to meet the increasing demand for advanced warehouse management solutions in Colombia. This collaboration highlights our dedication to international growth and delivering exceptional value to businesses worldwide”.

The synergy between SCCALA’s expertise in the Colombian market and SAVOYE’s proficiency in developing solutions like ODATiO will empower customers to enhance efficiency and elevate customer satisfaction.



SCCALA is recognized as a generator of efficiency and competitiveness in companies from different sectors where, with its contributions and innovative solutions, it strengthens and energizes logistics processes, comprehensive inventory management and the entire supply chain. Its offices are in Bogotá, from where it meets the requirements of its different clients in Latin America.

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