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SAVOYE, logistics support for Groupe URGO's healthcare mission

To ensure its continued growth, Groupe URGO, a specialist in the treatment of wounds and consumer health products, is building a new logistics hub with the support of intralogistics expert SAVOYE.

Groupe URGO is committed to bringing change to patients’ quality of life, by placing science at the heart of therapeutic progress. It works alongside healthcare professionals to promote the best care practices.

With its 3,500 employees, URGO focuses on two core businesses: URGO Medical and URGO Consumer Healthcare. The Group is constantly growing, with sales of over 750 million euros, serving all five continents.

URGO, a French Group that invests significantly in its region (Burgundy, France)

Entrepôt Urgo

URGO has always made the choice to innovate, produce and invest in France. In order to pursue its development and innovations, and to serve its customers ever more effectively, URGO has decided to transform its global hub located in Chevigny-Saint-Sauveur, near Dijon. This hub currently handles the goods-in, storage, order picking and dispatch of all manufactured products from its adjacent plant, as well as from Group subsidiaries. With a capacity of 11,000 pallets, plus an overflow stock of 8,000 pallets spread over three other warehouses in the region, the distribution center was reaching full capacity.

A new logistics hub as a strategic tool for serving customers

In 2022, URGO has therefore initiated the construction of a new warehouse dedicated to Urgo Healthcare products in ZAC de Beauregard- on the edge of the Dijon urban area – a location also chosen by SAVOYE, where building of the intralogistician’s new head offices and production factory is also underway.

Thanks to this new 16,000 m2 logistics platform, URGO will have a capacity of 15,000 pallets and intends to handle up to 12,000 order lines, 9,000 full packages and 1,700 split units per day to serve its customers in France and abroad: “We’re not just positioning ourselves as a laboratory and manufacturer, we’re also providing solutions tailored to our healthcare partners, the pharmacies. Logistics is therefore an integral part of our development strategy. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to provide our customers with the best possible service“, says Etienne Bayle, Director of Industrial Strategy for Laboratoires URGO.

SAVOYE’s custom-designed project for URGO

Always on the watch, the family business called on SAVOYE, an intralogistics specialist also based in Dijon, to equip its new hub. The two companies know each other well, having already worked together on various projects. To meet URGO’s particularly demanding specifications, SAVOYE built a tailor-made project comprising Intelis conveyors and Jivaro packaging machines. “Groupe URGO is an experienced customer, well skilled in the operation of automated logistics tools. In this context, Savoye was chosen for its ability to tailor a solution to meet the most demanding and specific requirements of a demanding customer in the best sense of the word,” says Luca Pinto, Sales Engineer at Savoye.

Christophe Drapier, Deputy Sales Director Advanced Technologies at Savoye explains: “The solution we have implemented is designed to evolve according to Groupe URGO’s needs. We will be deploying the latest generation of our Intelis plug and play solution on site, which is quiet, energy-saving and scalable. As for the Jivaro machine, it will enable volume savings throughout the distribution cycle. ”

Logistics for growth

Ultimately, URGO will therefore have two logistics sites, the current one dedicated to its “Medical” branch, and the new one equipped by SAVOYE for its “Healthcare” business. The Group also retains on-site expansion capacity for future developments. “The wide choice of technical solutions offered by SAVOYE enabled us to define the most optimal preparation line for our current activity, as well as for future developments. We benefited from genuine logistics advice, and together we built a project for growth, rationalization and sustainability for the Group“, concludes Denis Frérot, deputy Log’in project manager for Laboratoires URGO.

The solutions proposed by SAVOYE are due to be installed on site during the second quarter of 2024, for commissioning in 2025.