order management system

Order Management System:
for a unified trading operation!

Manage your multi-warehouse logistics organization

LM OMS is designed for multi-site or multi-channel logistics organizations and is intended to make the job of decision-makers easier whatever type of network you have: central platforms, regional warehouses, local depots and cross-docking platforms. With LM OMS, you orchestrate and direct your orders based on the sales channel, the nature of each stock location and the availability of your products.


Order life-cycle tracking

LM OMS centralizes changes in the status of orders synchronously with your peripheral systems (ERP, website, TMS, call center, etc.). LM OMS represents a central management system for outbound logistics, takes account of ATP (Available-to-Premises), and acts as a supervisor of execution systems (WMS), offering you the ability to manage transfer orders, load switching and alerts.


Complete orchestration of your flows

LM OMS generates the preparation orders for platforms. It allows orders to be held awaiting grouping and transmission to execution systems. It also manages inter-site stock transfers from, for example, overflow sites to preparation platforms.


Combine level of service with operational efficiency

LM OMS uses a powerful rules manager with standard business algorithms, which can also be configured in a simple and intuitive manner. It allows you to take account of shipping deadlines, the logistics network’s constraints and customers’ delivery terms.


360° visibility of your stock

LM OMS provides the visibility required by a multi-site or multi-channel distribution network. It allows you to respond better to replenishment constraints, provides a real time view of your stock in warehouses, stores and in transit.


An OMS solution that can be deployed as a stand-alone option 

LM OMS is offered as a stand-alone solution, which is entirely independent of existing systems. LM OMS can be easily interfaced with the other software components of your IS facilitating the essential real time exchange of information to guarantee your commitment to customers.

Key strengths


Orchestration of sales orders

Customer promise

Sticking to the customer promise


Optimizing picking and delivery costs

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