Warehouse Control System Savoye

Warehouse Execution System (WES)

Synchronize and optimize your automated and robotic equipment in real-time

For a successful project, it is essential that you choose powerful software that is natively designed to manage automated and robotic systems.

Built with the purpose automating solutions, the Warehouse Execution System (WES) is the software responsible for orchestrating order execution and processing.  It is the intelligence and execution engine that releases activities, in perfect timing, to all of the automated subsystems in the building.

Capable of synchronizing and simultaneously controlling different equipment in real time, our WES assists you in achieving your targets in terms of responsiveness and performance. Multi-functional, it enables you to maximize the productivity of your resources while deciding on the next orders to be launched as a priority. By reallocating stock dynamically based on multi-criteria strategies, our WES optimizes storage and makes your inventory more accurate.

Thanks to real-time monitoring and visibility, our WES solution monitors the overall activities in the processing zones, anticipates any maintenance requirements and alerts and proposes solutions in the event of a discrepancy

At the heart of the intelligence of your robotic solutions

System orchestration

Intelligent scheduling, workload balancing, routing optimization​, sequencing of retrieval

Order management

Optimized and dynamic order release, prioritization methods, multi AS/RS management​

Picking management

Person-to-goods, pick-to-light, goods-to-person and goods-to-robot processes

Storage optimization

Multi criteria storage strategies, cycle counting, reshuffling

More than just automation...

... intelligence

KWEST maximizes the use of your automated system by ensuring the reliability of intra-logistics operations, the performance of processes and optimized use of your resources. Productivity is maximized by measuring the capacity and load of the subsystems in real time and only releasing the highest priority work when there’s need in a given area of the building.  The WES executes with the goal of achieving your targets and prioritizing the orders that are most critical.



Multi-technology synchronization

Real-time management of all your automated processes and equipment


Anticipation of future orders

Optimized launch depending on operational constraints and balance of flows


Responsiveness when picking orders

Reduction in execution times thanks to the constant optimization of the system


Optimal vision

360° supervision of your system

KWEST: the central nervous system of your distribution center