DEVRED entrusts its logistics management to SAVOYE

Devred, the menswear retailer, is positioning its products at the heart of its logistics reorganization, with the support of SAVOYE, a specialist in supply chain execution solutions. The company chose ODATiO, a global solution integrating WMS, TMS and OMS from the specialist intralogistics software publisher.

Established in 1902, the fashion specialist Devred operates a website and 332 stores, mainly in France, but also in Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Algeria, Morocco, the island of Mauritius and French Reunion Island. To ensure optimal customer service and delivery to its stores, the brand relies daily on three logistics sites, two of which specialize in mass storage and a third in daily replenishment of sales outlets. 7,000 items are managed here, and 650,000 cartons are prepared and dispatched to stores. Every year, the company sells eight million items. “The stock rotation rates of our stores are very different from one store to another, depending on the level of annual sales. The challenge is to be able to serve them all at an equivalent level of quality throughout the year”, explains Julien Delpech, Devred’s Director of Flow and Supply Planning.

Ahead of this, Devred coordinates the delivery of 600 containers a year and 150 semi-trailers a year. Almost 75% of its goods are imported, with the balance coming from near-import sources (Europe, Turkey, Maghreb). The warehousing sites carry out quality checks on incoming products and ensure that they are properly input into the WMS. Inter-site transfers are carried out daily to supply its distribution site in Amiens.

Modernizing logistics and enhancing flexibility

Keen to modernize its logistics operations and integrate its click-and-collect orders into its procurement management, Devred was looking to replace its historical WMS with a more agile tool: “Our processes were based on habit, we lacked flexibility and were faced with document management issues”, explains Julien Delpech.

With the support of EY adameo consulting firm, Devred decided to revamp its strategic and operational master plan, and thus modernize its logistics processes and tools, by launching a WMS call for tenders. Devred chose SAVOYE and its ODATiO modular solution, which combines WMS, TMS and OMS in a single application, all in SaaS mode. “ODATiO made the difference in several ways: its user-friendly design, its high accessibility and its great adaptability. At the same time, we were won over by the integration of carrier document management and the embedded decision-making aspect. We’ll be able to make continuous improvements and check our productivity, which we couldn’t do before. Finally, we hadn’t any TMS. This will enable us to go a step further and manage and simplify our invoicing processes”, explains Julien Delpech.

A complete product-focused solution

Still supported by EY adameo in its implementation phase, the project started in summer 2022. Operational since early 2024, the project joining Devred fashion retailer and SAVOYE, supply chain execution specialist, is now starting to take concrete shape. The ODATiO WMS now integrates stocks receiving, quality control, stock allocation to the various sites, inter-site management, as well as order fulfillment and shipment. « One of ODATiO’s strengths was its ability to process the product and integrate numerous criteria linked to textile terms, lifetime, seasons…This has enabled us to structure our stock. We can also make assorted packages, partial shipments, orders grouping…


For example, we are now independent in terms of all our parameter settings, which means we can adapt filling quotas according to product type. On a TMS point of view, we now handle the pre-invoicing of our carriers », explains Julien Delpech. Finally, by September 2024, Devred also intends to complete the in-house management of its e-logistics, thanks to ODATiO’s functionalities.
«The project carried out with Devred was significant in terms of functionalities, and also because of the simultaneous start-up of three sites. Even if we also had to make a few enhancements, such as implementing storage routings to picking locations, recording supplier packaging codes, or even integrating a customer order into re-order packages, we were able to keep close to the standard ODATiO solution and to operational processes. To conclude, Devred’s teams strongly contributed to the success of this project, by their ability to explain their needs and constraints to incorporate them into ODATiO’s powerful native settings », concludes Cyril Labouret, Deputy Director of Integration – Software, at SAVOYE.


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