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Automated picking: combine efficiency and ergonomy to satisfy performance requirements

Why automate your picking operations?

Order preparation is the core process for distribution centers, which has been characterized for many years by ever increasing operational complexity. A more urgent need for responsiveness, the fragmentation of orders, dedicated processes for each sales channel: the need to improve productivity has intensified. And against a background where the recruitment of teams is complex, automation has become absolutely vital, and the well-being of operators has established itself as a major concern. Preparation errors may be costly for your company, both in terms of materials and customer satisfaction.

This is why we are committed to designing products that combine performance with ergonomy. Focusing on efficient ways of working, offering simple operations, minimizing the margin for error, creating a suitable working environment are the key principles that guide us. We offer you picking solutions that combine working comfort with the quality of order preparation operations, with the constant aim of achieving an optimum level of productivity.

Our range offers you a wide choice of systems, from the simplest to the most highly automated: our solutions are tailored to your needs, your situation and your aims.


Goods-to-person preparation

Synchronization of parcels at operator stations with the products to be picked

Pick-and-pack preparation

The process of person-to-goods picking by the parcel or a set of parcels

Pick-then-pack preparation

The process of picking products before allocating them using units or high-speed sorters


An ultra-high performance goods-to-person station

Benefiting from a completely operator-focused design, our X-PTS® Pick Station preparation station allows you to achieve very high speeds based on the one-to-one principle – one source container for one destination container. Ease of use, operational efficiency, low physical stress, maximum productivity: X-PTS® Pick Station has everything it takes to be your future ally in dealing with the challenges of growth and peaks in activity.

GTP Pick station SAVOYE solutions intralogistiques

Preparation using stations and a mechanized line

An amazingly effective classic solution, preparation using stations, fits into a completely mechanized process, from the initiation of parcels to their sorting prior to palletization and shipping. It is based on our INTELIS® plug & play conveyor system and adapts to your warehouse to create a solution that meets your needs.

Intelis Conveyor

Boost your manual picking performance

FLEEXEE is a picking support system ensuring substantial improvements in performance compared to a classic pick-to-cart process. It enables the flexibility and profitability of manual processes to be retained while reducing physical stress and focusing on value-added tasks. Please note: FLEEXEE is also available in conveyor mode for transporting loads within the warehouse.

X-PTS Pick Robot : item picking robot

Automated item preparation

A natural progression in terms of goods-to-person systems, the X-PTS® Pick Robot is an item picking robot. Combining the latest robotic gripping and vision technologies, it automatically identifies, picks and places items using its embedded AI. The X-PTS® Pick Robot operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and is able to identify up to 90% of your item inventory.

Picking tools

Picking performance

For all your manual preparation processes, we offer you an additional range of picking tools: pick-to-light and put-to-light strips, picking cart, allocation units, voice-operated systems, mobile solutions, etc. They adapt to your uses and business flows to improve the efficiency of your logistics.

High-speed sorters

Quick allocation of all your products and packages

Particularly suited for mail sorting applications and distribution to points of sale, the high-speed sorters are renowned for their performance and capacity. SAVOYE relies on third-party partners to offer you Bomb bay, Push tray, Tilt tray, Cross belt, etc. sorters, depending on your needs and your type of products.

Sorting lane

the 3 key benefits of automated picking



A reduction in operators’ unproductive periods



Minimization of error rates


Team loyalty

A reduction in the physical stress and improvement in the working comfort of operators

Why automate your picking operations?

Achieving your targets with adapted solutions

With Savoye, the focus is on what matters...


Ergonomics for improved performance

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