Chantelle relies on the efficient and optimized logistics solutions offered by its long-term partner, SAVOYE.

An efficent and optimized logistic

As a lingerie designer founded in 1876, the Chantelle Lingerie Group employs 5,500 people focusing on the development of six brands: Chantelle, Passionata, Chantal Thomass, Femilet, Livera and Darjeeling. The company specifically uses its logistics site in Corbie, in the Somme region, to supply its 11,000 points of sale around the

Key figures

  • 20 000 m2 of platform
  • 550 000 boxes shipped annualy
  • Around 15 millions items received and shipped annualy

Targets of the project

  • To support extension of the building
  • To increase the daily picking rate
  • To optimize transport management

Why Savoye

  • A long-standing partnership
  • Structured and in-depth contact relating to the mechanization aspect of the project
  • The potential for acquiring a comprehensive offering/additional solutions

Deployed solution on the logistic site

  • WCS
  • TMS
  • Pick-to-light technology


  • Quadrupled picking productivity thanks to pick-to-light technology
  • Optimum management of specific services/customization of orders
  • Improved quality of service as regards carriers and clients


Read the testimony!

The customization of orders offers us a competitive advantage,
which we have been able to develop thanks to Savoye’s tools.
Today, this flow represents around 92 % of our consignments and
we have the means to manage it optimally.

Philippe SOPHYS

Distribution Logistics Director at Chantelle Lingerie