transport management system

Transport management system: control your transport operations 

 There are numerous requirements and regulations are changing   

While the Supply Chain is becoming digital from end to end, the transport function remains one of the only links that is not fully computerized. It is, however, an increasingly large expense item for shippers. Indeed, it represents a significant proportion of your logistics costs and this is regularly increasing. Environmental requirements for road haulage, and customers who are increasingly concerned about visibility are all needs that have to be considered.

What are the benefits?  


up to 10% savings on your transport budget 


improved customer service


tracking of operations and management of alerts: 30% reduction in calls to the call center.  


Digitize and improve the quality of your transport  

transport management system

Our Transport Management solution (TMS) ODATiO® provides comprehensive management of a shipper’s transport activity. Available in SaaS or On Premise mode, it offers flawless management of your activities and greater visibility when carrying out your transport operations. You will be able to make significant savings while providing your customers with better quality service.

An essential solution with a rapid ROI 

ODATiO will allow us to choose from our ten carriers according to the type of demand, the level of urgency, the locality to be served, the weight of the package, etc. It will therefore be able to assign the best transport scheme while meeting major challenges in terms of costs and compliance with deadlines
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Stéphane LAGAL

Machines & Spare Parts Supply Chain Director at Bergerat Monnoyeur CAT

5 good reasons to deploy a TMS 


Relevant indicators

knowing and precisely analyzing transport costs to have greater control over them 


Automatic control of invoices

considerable time and money savings  


Visibility platform

reassuring your customers and building loyalty while relieving pressure on your call center  


Reduced exposure to risks  

proactive and alert teams that can react and re-plan  


More advanced optimization

of grouped shipping units and automatic assignments 

TMS: 3 steps for managing your transportation... and guaranteeing your ROI!

Designed for all companies seeking to optimize their transportation activities, the features of the loader TMS enable transportation activities to be managed. The TMS is modular, has a wealth of features and can be deployed gradually. Certain functions should be activated as a priority if you are seeking to obtain an immediate increase in efficiency and a rapid ROI.

transport management system

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