Warehouse Control System Savoye

Real-time management and supervision of your automated system 

A comprehensive and modular system depending on the automated and robotic systems selected, our WCS (Warehouse Control System) WaCS manages and supervises all scheduling, synchronization and routing operations for your intra-logistics flows.

Standard uses 


Management of retail picking stations, comprehensive picking and palletization buffer solutions


Management of station picking systems and mobile picking assistance robots 

Pallet storage

Comprehensive control of automated storage systems for heavy loads 


Scheduling and synchronization of automated flows 

Directly interfaced with the WMS, WaCS ensures both the optimal use of your equipment and the prioritization of urgent orders according to carrier departure constraints and the real-time status of the installation. The WaCS WCS optimizes the sequencing of priority orders to be picked, executes picking and replenishment orders and balances the workload in real-time between your different equipment. WaCS deals with all operations involving packets: routing, sorting, labeling, submission of documents, weight and statistical control, packaging.


Connection to all kinds of technologies

At the heart of the automated system, WaCS prioritizes activities depending on the priority and status constraints of the system. In charge of controlling storage systems (shuttles, robots, stacker cranes), it constantly feeds your picking, palletization and replenishment stations.

WCS Savaoye

Real-time supervision 

Via its supervision module, the WaCS WCS offers a comprehensive overview of your system. Monitoring of activities and ongoing assignments: you’ll have a comprehensive overview of the installation, each zone of the warehouse and each piece of equipment. You’ll have direct access to the stock status of the automated storage systems. And above all, you’ll be able to directly analyze the performance of the system using a suite of predefined key indicators.

Power your daily activity with WaCS



Reduced overall picking time 


Multi-process management

Simultaneous management of person-to-goods and goods-to-person picking processes 



Reduction in errors and improved service 



Real-time monitoring of production progress 


Constant optimization 

Adapted management depending on the expected performance 



An application that makes it possible to gradually add equipment and features

They reach what matters with SAVOYE...

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