Packing machines for improved productivity and customer service

Automate your traditionally manual packaging processes and increase your productivity and the reliability of operations to ensure improved overall responsiveness

Automating traditionally manual packaging processes improves productivity and the reliability of operations to ensure improved overall responsiveness. At the same time, the perceived value of packaging is a key aspect of the customer experience. This is why any such automation must be accompanied by concrete responses in terms of protecting and securing parcels, as well as adapting the size of packaging to that of the products ordered.

Our range of packing machines allows the entire process to be automated, from forming boxes to closing them, including wedging fragile products and adapting the height of boxes to the volume of products transported.


Forming parcels

Parcels, which are automatically formed from flat blanks, are initiated and associated with an order.

Wedging products

For optimum protection during transport, products can be wedged in the parcel.

Adaptation of parcels to the volume

Adapting the height of parcels to products reduces the empty space transported.


The automatic addition of a lid guarantees that parcels are tamper-proof and makes customer returns easier.


Your parcels are smaller and customized


The JIVARO® range ensures effective, high quality packaging in response to the issue of cost/volume shipped. It is 100 % automatic and significantly reduces shipping and labor costs. By opting for JIVARO®, you can save up to 50 % on the volume shipped and make use of reliable, cost-effective and ecological technology, which even allows you to customize your parcels.

PAC 600

Your products are protected in secure parcels

PAC 600® is a packing concept that significantly reduces the risk of damage and wedges fragile and high value-added products. PAC 600® holds products in position in the parcel throughout the entire transport phase.

It is THE solution that offers you the best guarantee of 100% secure and protected products, inside tamper-proof cardboard packaging, thereby enhancing your brand image with your customers.


A full range of box forming machines

Adapting to expected speeds, simple and quick to change formats, etc. these are all essential capabilities to meet all your production needs. Savoye offers you easy-to-use forming machines that take up little floor space, to guarantee efficient integration and use.


Products wedged inside 100 % cardboard packaging

Our cardboard wedging system is a super-high quality wedging solution, which is ideal for numerous distribution sectors, both B2B and B2C. The process is fully automated and our machine adapts the shape of the wedge to the height of different products to minimize their movement during the delivery phase.


Your documents are automatically inserted into your parcels

When combined with standard photocopiers and printers, our document inserters allow picking notes, delivery notes, invoices, etc. to be inserted into your parcels, either when your empty parcels are initiated or at the end of preparation when your parcels have been filled.

Why automate your packaging processes?


Increased responsiveness

Preparation of parcels as close as possible to carriers’ departures



Protection of fragile and high value-added products


Reducing wasted space

A reduction in the volume to be shipped and, therefore, in the number of lorries needed


The customer experience

Eco-friendly and customized packaging ensuring an enhanced brand image

Reach your goals with adapted solutions


What’s the best solution for my business?

It’s not always easy to know which packaging automation solution is best for you... Allow us to guide you!


Your parcels are your brand ambassadors!

The e-commerce sector has enjoyed great success in recent years. Find out how your parcels can help you increase customer loyalty thanks to a seamless customer experience.


Automated packaging: 4 reasons to choose it.

Automating your packaging process offers numerous advantages: in terms of productivity and performance issues, and so much more...

With Savoye, the focus is on what matters...

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