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In order to provide the most comprehensive offers to our customers around the world, we partner with influential companies that are experts in their field. At SAVOYE, we develop two types of partnerships with innovative market players:

  • Integrator partners who address their own market with innovative and proven intralogistics solutions
  • Solutions partners who complete our software offer with their know-how and innovations with ever richer and more efficient solutions

A win-win partnership beneficial to everyone

Working alongside local partners is the cornerstone of our development strategy. This long-term partnership is part of a win-win relationship, which is both an opportunity to address your specific sectors with innovative products, but also an opportunity for SAVOYE to extend its presence outside its current geographic areas.

Profile of our partners



Expand your portfolio with the most highly integrated best-of-breed WMS/TMS on the market



Make the most of your logistics business skills and generate more revenue from your services


Business facilitators

Join the SAVOYE ecosystem and use your expertise to influence your customers’ decisions.


Intra-logistics players

Our partner is a renowned local player with its own network of customers

Why become a SAVOYE partner?

Are you looking to extend your range of automated products and SCE software and be able to deal with international customers in your area?


We can support you throughout the world

Beyond the distribution and integration of its products and solutions, SAVOYE has a wide-ranging partnership policy with:

  • organizations and institutions that are relevant to its business (associations, certification bodies, schools and universities, etc.)
  • technical players (equipment manufacturers or distributors, third-party software, etc.)
  • all experts in logistics (consulting, design offices, instructors, etc.)

The advantages of a SAVOYE partnership

Easy integration

Products designed to be integrated easily: packaging machine, Intelis, X-PTS

Partner benefits

Preferential prices & priority information about our innovations


Customized training and assistance program as part of our mutual commitment

Dedicated department

A dedicated team to help you transform your customers’ projects into operational success

A shared commitment

A long-term partnership to ensure our customer’s expectations are met

Integrating a WMS/TMS/OMS solution

The SCE ODATiO solution

supply chain solutions

ODATiO® combines a WMS, a TMS and an OMS in a single application. ODATiO® was designed for ease of integration and use by users and integrators. From an operational point of view, ODATiO® is particularly beneficial for retail order picking processes and carrier-orientated shipping management operations. ODATiO® Cloud Access is an option available to retailer/integrator partners, a 100% standard product hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Integrating automated and robotic solutions

Tools that your customers expect

Savoye Logistex Partnership

Our range of automated and robotic solutions enables you to add to your offering, reliable and robust products that have proven themselves over the years. Their performance will assist your customers in achieving successful and productive logistics operations (automated packaging, goods-to-person order picking, etc.)

Your assignments


Sales and technical skills

Our partner must seek out new customers, sell, win over, install and maintain solutions based on our equipment and software



Manage relations with the end customer



Willing to invest in the transfer of required skills



After a training session, ability to be independent to identify potential customers, generate and carry out projects

Our partner program

Dedicated department

The support of a dedicated department for partnership development

Customized program

A customized support program to enable our partners to become rapidly independent

Specific tools

A range of tools to enable our partners to be independent during the pre-sales and sales phases

24/7 support

Support covering the joint setting up of the initial projects and access to our 24/7 hotline

Dedicated website

A dedicated website for partners

Worldwide coverage

Our partners have been chosen because they share our commitment to excellence in terms of service, integration, training and support. They also provide complementary products and services, and even equipment, which allow us to provide an even more specific response to our customers’ requirements.

Our integrator partners

Located in Barcelona, Acacia Technologies is a company specializing in warehouse and distribution center management projects through the integration of software (wms) and hardware technologies (RF terminals, RFID, pick and put to light systems, sorters...).

Since 1991 ATES has been providing its customers with automated solutions for handling of bulk materials, semi-finished and finished products. All of ATES' customers are offered help in finding optimal solutions that bring corresponding revenue and cost savings in both logistic and production processes. ATES cooperates with large foreign and domestic manufacturing and logistic companies, design studios and technical offices.


Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Blue Star Industrial Solutions is a leading system integrator renowned for providing advanced technology products and turnkey design & engineering solutions to manufacturing customers in India and international markets. As a trusted supplier of automation solutions, the company has further expanded its portfolio for intra-logistics & warehouse operations.

ECS has been specializing in the conception, manufacturing and integration of conveyor systems since 1987. Using the latest technology, ECS has been supplying turn-key solutions with the in-house support of it's system conceptors, engineers and programmers.

With 35 years of experience, GCL Group is a consulting firm specialized in logistics and supply chain with an international presence (Montreal, Miami, Paris, Casablanca and Sao Paulo). GCL's objective is to accompany its clients in high value-added projects by providing realistic recommendations and supporting them in their transformation projects.


Founded in 1984, Houngfuh is an international manufacturer of automation equipment with 5 production plants in China and a presence in 20 countries worldwide. Today, Houngfuh's mission and duty is to become a pioneer in the research and development of automation technology.

SAVOYE has selected ILA to market packaging machines in the Turkish market. ILA, a service provider and logistics system integrator, provides complete solutions by combining its own equipment and warehouse management software with those of its partner SAVOYE.

Headquartered in Dubai, INCUBE is one of the leading hardware and software solution providers in the Middle East and North Africa. INCUBE focuses its cutting-edge solutions on development capabilities to create long-term solutions. This significantly reduces costs and improves the organization's ability to adapt to change.

Innovecs is a global digital transformation technology company. Specializing in software solutions, the Innovecs team has experience in supply chain, healthcare technology, software and high technology.

A family-owned company established in 1959, Ito has been providing industrial solutions for many decades. In recent years, the company has experienced strong growth, built expertise in automation and entered into partnership agreements with leading manufacturers to always provide the best solution for its customers.

KR Solutions is a Spanish IT consulting company. Since 2008, KR Solutions has been working hand in hand with its clients to help them achieve their digital transformation. KR Solutions has extensive experience in the implementation of value-added solutions to support the transition to the digital age. KR Solutions distributes and integrates ODATiO Cloud Access.

Established in the 1930s, Logistex has always been synonymous with sophisticated, state-of-the-art automated systems before becoming one of the market's leading computer systems specialists in the 1980s. Logistex is responsive throughout the UK but has an international division that also works throughout mainland Europe.

Motiontek Industrial Inc. began as a service provider to OEMs and end users, and has built on the experience of its teams to offer automated systems and solutions integration. Today, Motiontek Industrial Inc. provides its customers with complete solutions to support their growth.

Mushiny implements powerful modular robotic warehouse management systems to quickly support a variety of warehousing scenarios and provides customer-centric OEM and ODM services.

Muvro Technologies is a provider of flexible, modular and innovative intralogistics and material handling solutions. Muvro Technologies' goal is to provide reliable and consistent systems and service. To achieve this, Muvro Technologies has a complete range of intralogistics solutions: sorters, ASRS systems, mobile robots, pick to light, software solutions etc.

Established in 2004, Neptek specialises in end of line conveyor, packing and palletising systems in the manufacturing sector and conveyor, inspection, sortation and truck loading systems in the intralogistics sector. Neptek supply materials handling systems to most industries throughout South Africa as well as into Africa and the Middle East.

Open Sky Group is a global leader in supply chain technology, with a carefully selected portfolio of best-in-class partners and state-of-the-art SaaS platforms. Its diversified operational expertise in multiple supply chain solutions enables customers to benefit from a proven and unrivalled service.

Thanks to its know-how Profit offers the most appropriate solutions to meet the real needs of each client. Based on this philosophy, the company focuses on fast and quality service at all levels, offering at the same time full support throughout Greece, Cyprus and the neighboring Balkan countries.

Salex's guiding principle is based on customer requirements. Salex offers a complete range of customized, long-term packaging systems for 3PLs. The company supplies, installs and integrates the closing and height reduction systems for SAVOYE PAC 600, Jivaro and the Jivaro Print module.

Thanks to partnership with companies all around the world and local engineering development, SAM Technology Engineers has specialist capabilities in the airline maintenance and support, aluminium, transport, mining, power generation and steel industries. Today, SAM Technology Engineers has also developed a specialty division named Automated Warehouse Solutions, specialised into logistics and distribution of pharmaceutical, food, beverage and general warehousing.

SCCALA is recognized as a generator of efficiency and competitiveness in companies from different sectors where, with its contributions and innovative solutions, it strengthens and energizes logistics processes, comprehensive inventory management and the entire supply chain. Its offices are in Bogotá, from where it meets the requirements of its different clients in Latin America. 

SCOTT machines offer productivity gains and exceptional reliability to many of the world's leading manufacturers. Today, production bases around the world, customers in 88 countries, and a real commitment to developing new technologies and bringing them to market, allows SCOTT to provide advanced engineering and renowned design aesthetics.

Based in Norway, Sone 4 is a software integration company with a team of developers and software designers. Sone 4 plans to grow rapidly, especially with the marketing and integration of the SAVOYE ODATiO WMS. The company is based in Lillestrøm, near Oslo.

It is not easy to transform an existing logistics site into a fully automated and interconnected site. To achieve this, it is important that robots support the work of the operators. Tanax is creating the image of a new generation of logistics where people and robots work together.

As a total solution provider, Tham Rich Corporation Co. provides a wide range of logistics services including planning, design, consulting and implementation of complete industrial systems, material handling systems, automation and robotics. With the help of partners, a team of experienced engineers assists customers in selecting equipment, tools and technologies to support their growth.

For XPROMA, the most important thing is a long-term and sustainable cooperation with our customers. Mutual trust comes first! With a lot of dedication and commitment , we are working on developing for our customers very individual and perfectly adapted to their needs solutions that maximize the efficiency of their workflows and noticeably d them ie so with the everyday work easier.


Providing you with a complete offer to match your ambitions

In order to offer you solutions that meet your needs, we constantly enhance our range of third-party solutions. We carefully select our partners for their expertise and reputation in their field.

We are proud to collaborate with the best players to provide you with reliable and innovative solutions that meet all your requirements and contribute to your success.

They are with us...

With more than 25 years of experience, DGOffice B.V. is the specialized world leader of software solutions and services for dangerous goods and chemicals management. Our internal design & development team and in-house DG specialists bring their fields of expertise together. All our digital solutions are easy to use, quick, and always up to date. Because we want to keep it safe, secure and simple.

Shippeo is a global leader in real-time multimodal transportation visibility, helping shippers and and LSPs operate more automated, sustainable, customer-centric supply chains. A proprietary machine learning algorithm offers unmatched ETA accuracy, allowing companies to quickly anticipate problems, proactively alert customers, efficiently manage exceptions with collaborative workflows and accurately measure CO2 emissions from supply chain transport.


TDI offers multi carrier shipping management softwares (TMS and API) : edition of certified carrier documents - labels and EDI - , delivery tracking, branded tracking and notifications, delivery issues alerts, delivery performance analysis.
TDI stands out with its list of referenced national and international carriers.

With 31 years of experience and 170+ specialised resources across 4 continents, Weexa is a leading group in the digital transformation market, specialising in the management, integration and digitalisation of B2B flows (EDI/EAI) as well as the integration of supply chain solutions such as WMS, TMS, OMS, VMI...Weexa supports its customers all over the world

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