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The customization of orders offers us a competitive advantage, which we have been able to develop thanks to SAVOYE’s tools. Today, this flow represents around 92 % of our consignments and we have the means to manage it optimally.

Philippe SOPHYS

Distribution Logistics Director at Chantelle Lingerie
We wanted to implement solution that is both customisable and accurate and able to meet our present and futures needs. The SAVOYE teams have successfully implemented our development requirements for the e-commerce as well as the store flows.


Fashion specialist for 0-14 year olds

Renowned logistics solutions for key players in the textile sector

One of the key aspects of textile logistics is the wide range of distribution channels, such as: supermarket, specialist stores, in-house or franchise points of sale, e-commerce, etc. this means that there is considerable pressure on prices and delivery times, with a large number of increasingly heterogeneous orders: preparation, restocking, private sales, etc.

Highly seasonal in nature

The very nature of the products involves constraints that are specific to the sector, such as seasonal collections, restocking, management of promotions and management of deliveries both for points of sale and e-commerce.

By adapting our solutions, you will have a comprehensive warehouse management solution, optimizing your speed and quality of order picking, perfectly adapted to the logistics processes specific to the ready-to-wear fashion sector.

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The logistical challenges of the textile sector

Seasonal restocking

constantly changing items to be processed

A highly diverse range of logistics units

Multi- or single- catalog reference/color/size boxes, clothes to be hung up, catalog reference/color/cup/size for women’s lingerie

Management of special operations

labeling, hanging, marking, anti-theft devices

Item characteristics

collections, style, seasons, folded items, hanging items, matching items, etc.

5 key things to keep in mind when sizing your Goods-to-Person solution

A Goods-to-Person solution, of course! But where to start and how to size it properly?

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