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Our business is extremely sensitive. So we need to rely on a robust, proven solution. (...) SAVOYE's after-sales and maintenance services, as well as its commitments in terms of volume and deadlines, met our expectations.


Pharmacist, CEO at CSP
Now, we are fully familiar with our tool and offer marketleading service in a highly competitive market

Nathanel SLAMA

Logistics Manager at Ophthalmic Compagnie
The installation needed converting to facilitate the flows but also, and most importantly, to reduce the musculoskeletal disorders of our pickers. We sought to rethink the ergonomics of their work stations in order to improve their everyday operating conditions

Mickael BITOUN

Arkopharma Business Manager

Opt for an expert in pharmaceutical logistics

In order to guarantee the quality of your business activity, the distribution of pharmaceutical and hygiene products requires extreme rigor at every stage in the logistics chain. Among the many challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry are the pressing requirement to fight against counterfeit drugs and the importance of internationally recognized standards.

A system that is 100% reliable with full traceability of logistics flows

Pharmaceutical and hygiene products involve a number of constraints for a logistics platform: they are perishable and batches may be recalled. Some temperature controlled products require specific storage and transport.

That’s why pharmaceutical laboratories and distributors require a system that is 100% reliable with full traceability of logistics flows. This requirement must also take into account the productivity aspect, inherent to all logistics platforms.

Tailored solutions

With many years of experience with key players in the market, SAVOYE offers solutions that ensure that work is not overloaded and that operator input is kept to a minimum.

Our solutions that meet pharmaceutical logistics issues are aimed at all key players in the sector, producers, wholesalers, distributors and hospitals.

With SAVOYE, the focus is on what matters...

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The logistical challenges of the pharmaceutical sector


Exacting quality control (0 errors) and the fight against counterfeit products


Increasingly tight deadlines

Safety and traceability

Compliance with the many regulations covering pharmaceutical products

Reliable shipping

Shipping of products under specific conditions to avoid breaking the cold chain

Achieving your targets with adapted solutions

Health care: what specific solutions are available?

Pharmaceutical logistics is very strict and must comply with the various security standards imposed by law. These requirements mean specific storage conditions and also strict and highly regular inspections to ensure optimal traceability throughout the product’s journey in the logistics chain.

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