Hero KWEST Warehouse Execution System

Warehouse Execution System

Easily manage your automated & robotic systems in real-time

Our WES, KWEST embodies over 35 years of expertise in managing automated and robotic solutions. By leveraging built-in data science algorithms, KWEST proactively anticipates and optimizes the utilization of your automated equipment, enabling your system to adapt to the dynamic conditions in your warehouse.


Synchronize all systems through a single execution engine

Enhance order fulfillment efficiency with KWEST’s intelligent order sequencing, utilizing priority constraints, equipment capacity … and AI-driven execution algorithms.

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Support the evolution of your business & logistics process​

Empower your operations with KWEST’s microservices architecture, ensuring simplified deployment of new services and simplified system implementation through emulation capabilities. Experience secure upgrades with zero production downtime.

Warehouse Exeuction System SAVOYE

Manage multi systems & subsystems

Ensure seamless integration with KWEST’s standard interfaces, facilitating the orchestration of both SAVOYE proprietary and third-party robotic systems. Effortlessly connect with third-party WMS through a single microservice for enhanced efficiency.

Warehouse Exeuction System SAVOYE

Ensure 360° visibility & monitoring in real-time​

Experience real-time insights across all systems with KWEST’s global supervision interface, featuring data analytics-based dashboards and KPIs. Stay informed with an alert system addressing equipment status, physical jams, and operational updates.

Warehouse Exeuction System SAVOYE

Ensure the sustainability & maintainability of your installation​

KWEST delivers a robust system built on cutting-edge and proven technologies, ensuring compliance with the latest cybersecurity standards for data, integration, and access. Its easy implementation is facilitated by a full web interface and a streamlined number of interfaces.

Warehouse Exeuction System SAVOYE

Unlock new possibilities by integrating SAVOYE proprietary or third-party systems​

Fixed and mobile AS/RS

Pick & Put​ to Light​

Parcels​ Conveying​ & sorting​

GTP​ Picking​

Pallet​ Handling​

Packing &​ Labelling​

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