The PAC 600® range:
products delivered in perfect condition!

Products transported in complete safety to guarantee an outstanding customer experience

A product arriving damaged has two consequences: the disappointment of your customer, who will not want to order from you again, a potential bad buzz on social networks and, for you, costly management of a return and replacement. Our PAC 600® range meets the need to protect fragile and high value-added items, from the palletization of parcels to their delivery, thanks to a very strong box concept and the perfect wedging of products.

PAC 600® BOX

Super-strong parcels whatever the mode of transport

Our PAC 600® forming machines create very strong boxes, which are compatible with thick corrugated cardboard. A cost-effective solution thanks to the minimization of cardboard flaps, it produces packaging that is highly impact and stacking resistant.

Automated packing machine

100% secure and protected products

PAC 600® is also a high quality wedging technology based on heat sealing and shrink wrapping using a film while the box is being formed. PAC 600® shrink wrap film is an automated solution ensuring very high quality wedging of products and offering the best guarantee of your shipments being tamper-proof


Reduce your consumables costs

PAC 600® is a stronger packaging than other types with equal quality of cartdboard. In other words, for the same level of strength and protective features, PAC 600 is more cost-effective: less cardboard and no wedging consumables

The benefits of PAC 600®

Protection of items

Very high quality wedging for all kinds of small, large, heavy, light and fragile products

Complete safety

A technology that makes your packaging tamper-proof and dust-proof


High mechanical strength, perfect for large-format box palletization and transporting heavy goods


Minimal use of cardboard consumables as there are no flaps

The PAC 600® machine range

Enter the packaging line that meets your needs

case erecting

Box forming machine

F12 (with film) and F16 (without film)


Shrink wrapping tunnel

T12 and T18


Box closing

Jivaro or C12 and C24 lidding