Item picking robot


Coupled with an automated Goods-to-Person system, the picking robot is able to pick items from a source bin and to place them in a destination bin for the purpose of order preparation.

This equipment, which replaces or complements a picking station, is the last link in the automation of logistics platforms since no human intervention is required for order preparation. Based on Machine Learning technologies, its object detection and recognition skills grow a little more with each operation.  


Picking operation robotization presents numerous advantages, including: improved item traceability, reduced arduousness and increased productivity.  It must also combine several essential criteria:  

  • the ability to pick all types of references, regardless of size, weight, stiffness, packaging, colors, etc.
  • the ability to grasp, whether the products are stored in bulk or in factory cartons
  • optimum product positioning in the package, in a Pick&Place logic
  • operational autonomy when unexpected events occur
  • and of course a sufficiently high throughput to justify the total cost of ownership of the system





  • PICK AND DROP : picks an object in the source bin and places the products in a destination bin.
  • PICK AND PLACE : picks an object in the source bin and positions it optimally in the destination bin.  



  • B2B and B2C order preparation.
  • The internal requirements of the logistics platform, as for stock intensification operations, which consist in pooling the contents of several bins in a single bin. 





up to 750 cycles per hour*can be integrated into a goods-to-person system, either in a new project or for an upgradesuitable for all sectors and for a wide range of product types

* 200 to 750 cycles per hour, depending on the nature of the products, and the recommended density of the destination bin.